SponsorCloud and Equity Trust Company Delivering Automated Solution for Alternative Investment Offerings in IRAs


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Equity Trust Company and SponsorCloud, a leading Real Estate Investment Management Platform, have streamlined self-directed IRA investments for sponsors and IRA investors, automating the entire business cycle for raising capital and managing investor relations in private real estate investments.

The collaboration was driven by efforts to shorten the time to fund, streamline the required documentation, and optimize the user experience for sponsors and investors. Sponsors and syndicators have the added benefit of exposure to more than $11 trillion in retirement accounts.*

“Our collaboration with Equity Trust was created on the mutual mission to allow IRA investors and sponsors to more effectively interact. For too long, this has been a very manual and complicated process. We are very excited to build this technology with Equity Trust and look forward to streamlining the process of making investments through self-directed IRA accounts more accessible,” said TJ Lokboj, Chief Revenue Officer, SponsorCloud.

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“A lack of technology has held some investors back from holding alternative investments in their retirement accounts. By integrating with SponsorCloud, Equity Trust is expanding options for investors who have long been hindered by a manual process,” said Casey Roberts, Chief Business Development Officer, Equity Trust Company.

Together, Equity Trust Company and SponsorCloud are excited to streamline the user experience for IRA investors, while providing access to alternative investments in real estate.

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