SparkFun Electronics, InPlay, & Bosch Sensortec Team Up To Release Two New NanoBeacon Boards To Boost Development Of Wireless IoT Solutions


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In collaboration with InPlay and Bosch Sensortec, SparkFun® is pleased to release two new IoT development boards: the SparkFun NanoBeacon™ Board – IN100  and SparkFun NanoBeacon Lite Board – IN100. The two versions allow for prototyping with the “Lite” version and then employing the production version in large installations once design is complete. These boards are great options for wireless sensor monitoring, asset tracking, retail beacons, or even making your own beacon tag for real-time location monitoring.

The boards feature the IN100 NanoBeacon from InPlay, which is Bluetooth® Low Energy compliant and transmits at a 2.4GHz frequency. Primary highlights include:

  • Low power: power consumption to below a microamp – allowing it to be left in the field sending data packets for multiple years on a coin cell battery.
  • Programming-free design: eliminates the need for embedded software programming; a PC configuration tool is provided to configure the IN100 device according to application needs.
  • Qwiic® enabled: on-board Qwiic connector enables developers to utilize 400+ products in the Qwiic rapid prototyping ecosystem.
  • Configured for Bosch Sensortec sensors: ready to connect the BME280 3-in-1 humidity sensor, measuring humidity, air pressure and ambient temperature, and the BMA400 ultra-low power accelerometer sensor breakouts.
  • Exceptional range: up to several hundred meters.
  • NanoBeacon BLE Scanner App: direct connection to newly released mobile app allows users to easily access and utilize the data provided by surrounding BLE peripherals and beacons.

“We believe this partnership with SparkFun, who has integrated our NanoBeacon SoC with their Qwiic connector interface and Bosch Sensortec’s high-performance sensors, will bring tremendous value to the IoT industry,” said Jason Wu, co-founder and CEO of InPlay, “We look forward to seeing the creativity and innovation from the developer community with this new technology.”

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“With its NanoBeacon SoC technology, InPlay delivers an innovative, programming-free solution to the IoT that we’re excited to bring to market,” said Kirk Benell, CTO at SparkFun. “Merging this solution with SparkFun’s plug-and-play Qwiic ecosystem delivers a frictionless IoT development solution. Pairing this rapid IoT system with Bosch Sensortec’s incredible sensors allows the development and deployment of low-power, high-value IoT sensor nodes in minutes.”

“This partnership helps to leverage synergies through the competencies of the partners: SparkFun’s easy-to-use Qwiic ecosystem combined with InPlay’s state-of-the-art wireless chip go hand-in-hand with Bosch Sensortec’s low-power, high performance and innovative sensing solutions, making them more accessible to developers and reducing time-to-market with lite and production versions of the new IoT development solution,” said Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO of Bosch Sensortec.

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