Sofy’s Monthly Active Users Grow 20x: Cloud Device Lab Opens to Meet Customer Demand


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Today Sofy, a testing platform for software developers which accelerates product release times by 95 percent, opened a new cloud device lab. Based in Dallas, the facility provides mobile app developers with immediate access to an assortment of new iOS and Android devices. Developers around the world can run QA tests on real devices without writing a single line of code.

“We’re launching our new facility as a direct result of customer demand,” said Syed Hamid, founder and CEO, Sofy. “Over the past six months, our existing customers have doubled their average device usage time, and our monthly active users have grown 20x. We needed another facility to host more physical iOS and Android devices, ensuring that developers can access any device they need with 99.99% availability.”

Sofy’s cloud device lab offers distinct advantages over both emulators and in-house device labs. Emulators only mimic real devices and cause significant headaches if hardware or software conditions change, while in-house device labs are expensive and require continual maintenance.

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Sofy’s cloud device lab provides genuine testing environments, ensuring accurate assessment of app performance, usability, and compatibility across a fragmented device landscape. By offering a robust array of devices via the cloud, testers can quickly identify and address issues that may only surface in real-world usage scenarios. This ultimately leads to the creation of reliable and polished apps.

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