Skyflow Launches On AWS Marketplace


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Skyflow, the data privacy vault company, is announcing that it has joined the AWS Partner Network and is now available through AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace enables customers to easily discover, procure, and deploy solutions that run on AWS, like Skyflow. This signals a deepening relationship between the two companies and makes it easier than ever for AWS’ global customer base to isolate, protect, and govern sensitive customer data with Skyflow.

Skyflow’s comprehensive data privacy platform offers robust and scalable features, including polymorphic encryption and tokenization, and fine-grained access controls, which help ensure data remains secure throughout its lifecycle. With its unique zero-trust vault architecture, Skyflow enables businesses to protect sensitive data without compromising its utility, supporting a wide range of use cases across industries such as healthcare, finance, and e-commerce.

Meet data residency requirements quickly without adding new instances

Skyflow customers can host data privacy vaults anywhere in the world where AWS operates, storing sensitive customer data locally. This enables companies to meet multiple data residency and compliance requirements as well as future-proof against legislative changes, without the heavy cost of replicating infrastructure.

De-identify customer data for privacy-safe analytics

Skyflow integrates seamlessly with AWS analytics pipelines. This makes it easy to isolate sensitive data at the point of ingestion and store it in Skyflow Data Privacy Vault, while de-identified data is sent onto the analytics pipeline. With Skyflow, teams can leverage sensitive data for critical business workflows like transaction processing, ID verification, and analytics, all without breaking customer privacy.

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Build and use LLMs safely and securely

Skyflow LLM Privacy Vault provides enterprises with complete data protection throughout the entire lifecycle of LLMs, including robust features such as:

  • Data Privacy and Security: Skyflow LLM Privacy Vault establishes a secure environment for sensitive data, protecting it from unauthorized access, breaches, and data leaks.
  • Granular Data Control: Organizations can maintain strict control over sensitive data, ensuring that only authorized individuals or entities can access specific data sets or functionalities within LLM systems.
  • Privacy-Preserving AI: Sensitive data is redacted and anonymized during data collection, model training, and interactions, enabling organizations to maximize AI capabilities without compromising privacy.

“Our collaboration with AWS is driven by a mutual investment in data privacy. Now, it’s easier than ever to integrate Skyflow with existing AWS infrastructure so teams can spend less time troubleshooting patchwork security solutions and more time trusting that their sensitive customer data is isolated, protected, and secure in Skyflow’s global network of data privacy vaults,” said Anshu Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Skyflow.

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