Sindri, a Platform for Scaling Zero-Knowledge Dev Ops and Proving Infrastructure, Closes $5M Seed Round Led by CoinFund


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Sindri, a zero-knowledge proof infrastructure platform, today announces the closure of a $5M seed financing round. The round was led by CoinFund with participation from other notable investors, strategics and angels spanning chip design and fabrication, signal processing, high performance compute and renowned figures in the fields of cryptography and blockchain. Sindri is on a mission to verify the integrity of the world’s data by empowering builders and organizations to innovate with zero-knowledge technology. Sindri delivers advanced and intuitive tools coupled with a frictionless developer experience to foster innovation at every step of the development lifecycle. This funding will help Sindri scale its team, grow their developer network and build a world class zero-knowledge developer stack. The seed round follows $2M in pre-seed funding in June of 2022.

Zero-knowledge proofs empower parties to verify cryptographic statements without disclosing specifics about the statement itself, thereby preserving confidentiality and privacy while also improving scalability through efficient verification without full data disclosure. While most frequently used on the blockchain today, zero-knowledge proofs unlock a broad range of use cases from blockchain transaction verification to verifiable inference in a machine learning setting. Despite this broad potential, the inflexibility of existing options today and complexity of creating in-house ZK-proving infrastructure can be overwhelming and burdensome for developers.

Sindri turbocharges developer productivity through an intuitive, framework-agnostic platform. Sindri’s serverless solution provides developers with lowest-latency deployment, over 2x faster end-to-end proving speeds on average and on-demand scalability.

Expertly Created and Validated Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Sindri co-founder Stasia Carson commented, “Ultimately Sindri exists to verify the integrity of the world’s digital data. In order for ZK to become such indispensable infrastructure, it must be approachable and scalable. We’re building in collaboration with some of the most forward-thinking teams and protocols in and outside of blockchain, and we can’t wait to see them push the capabilities of their applications using Sindri. We’re excited to have the support of CoinFund and our other exceptional investors on this journey.”

Jake Brukhman, CEO of CoinFund said, “CoinFund is proud to back Sindri, a world class team building technology for zero-knowledge computation. Zero-knowledge proofs are finding product market fit within the blockchain space in the form of blockchain scalability and interoperability technology, the intersection of web3 and AI, as well as off-chain computation for blockchains broadly. Moreover, Zero-knowledge proofs are poised to bring verifiable computation to general computation and support an ever bigger market over time. We couldn’t be more excited to support the Sindri team and welcome them to the CoinFund portfolio. ”

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Sindri has taken a developer-first approach, providing a platform that grants unparalleled control, transparency and customization. This ensures developers can effortlessly adapt to emerging protocols and frameworks, future proofing their technological solutions with Sindri’s advanced, intuitive tools. Sindri’s highly scalable platform empowers a diverse user base, including zkML platforms, Layer 2’s, ZK coprocessors, ZK researchers and emerging commercial and public sector organizations in web2 seeking to leverage ZKP.

Sindri is powered by a team of mission-focused developers with deep experience in building secure and trustless networks. The growing team includes industry leaders from Apple, AWS, and premier U.S. research labs with specializations in DevOps, security, and cryptography. At its core, Sindri’s seasoned founders are passionately dedicated to advancing Zero-Knowledge technology and championing security and privacy globally.

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