Seven European IoT Solution Providers Select EchoStar for Real-time Satellite IoT Connectivity


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EchoStar Corporation, today announced that seven leading European Internet of Things (IoT) service providers have signed multi-year commercial agreements to develop and sell IoT solutions using a pan-European Internet satellite network of long-range LoRa ® things from Echostar Mobile. API-K , Cyric , DalesLandNet , Dryad , Galaxy1 , ProEsys and Symes customers they use real-time networking to enable massive IoT deployments for applications such as outdoor personal geo-security, soil moisture monitoring, forest fire detection in the shortest possible time, consumption metering and pipeline monitoring.

“We thank these innovative customers for choosing EchoStar Mobile’s IoT network to meet their real-time bidirectional sensor connectivity requirements in the agricultural, utility, consumer and environmental markets,” said Telemaco Melia, the company’s vice president and general manager, EchoStar Mobile. “These deployments validate our value to customers by seamlessly integrating into the existing IoT ecosystem, achieving ubiquitous service continuity for our customers without the need for costly ground infrastructure.”

Compatible with Semtech Corporation’s LoRa long-range wireless platform for connecting devices, EchoStar XXI’s powerful S-band geostationary satellite provides ubiquitous two-way connectivity across Europe without the need for roaming agreements in different geographies. If customers want to add satellite functionality to their IoT solutions, they can easily upgrade their commercial equipment with the low-power and compact EchoStar Mobile EM2050 dual satellite-terrestrial mode module.

EchoStar has received the 2023 Business Impact Award  for the Pan-European IoT Network from IoT Evolution, a leading publication dedicated to IoT technologies.

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“I am delighted to recognize Echostar’s IoT Long-Range Lo-Ra Pan-European IoT Network, an innovative solution that has earned EchoStar a 2023 Business Impact Award,” said Rich Tehrani, the company’s CEO, TMC. “I look forward to further successful use of EchoStar’s world-class solutions in the future.”

EchoStar Mobile Limited  is a subsidiary of EchoStar in Europe, which operates a Mobile Satellite System (MSS) network using the EchoStar XXI geostationary satellite. EchoStar is globally developing a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) S-band satellites  called EchoStar Lyra™ that will support IoT connectivity while the company explores the development of a global non-terrestrial 5G S-band network.

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