SecuX Announces MnemonicX 2048 NFT Empowered By Asus Metaverse Soulbound Token Solution


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SecuX, a blockchain security company launches MnemonicX 2048, the first-ever soulbound cold wallet NFT project. This project celebrates the BIP39 mnemonic seed phrase and SecuX Nifty-X, the pioneering soulbound cold wallet. The first 2,048 SecuX Nifty-X users will receive a MnemonicX 2048 SBT (soulbound token) and an NFT, each corresponding to a unique 2048-word BIP-39 seed phrase. These SBTs are connected to membership privileges via NFT, which are provided by Asus Metaverse. These privileges grant early access and VIP status to SecuX products and services.

This innovative project commemorates the historical moment of cryptography and blockchain technology, aims to bring together blockchain enthusiasts, security experts, and digital asset holders to recognize the importance of these breakthroughs and to explore new possibilities for the future of blockchain technology.

SecuX has forged partnerships with industry leaders’ web3 divisions, including ASUS Metaverse Inc., an innovative technology company wholly owned by ASUS that specializes in web3 business. In Q2, ASUS Metaverse will launch an NFT marketplace and SBT solution, enabling more end users and B2B customers to easily join the web3 world. Additionally, SecuX plans to introduce an integrated scam alert service in partnership with a world’s leading cybersecurity firm, which will be announced next month, further enhancing their commitment to user security.

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“We’re excited to launch MnemonicX 2048, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the BIP39 seed phrase, the digital twin of private key, and its transformative impact on financial self-custody,” said Peter Chen, CEO of SecuX. “The mnemonic seed phrase is not only a milestone but also a blockchain legacy, symbolizing the empowerment of individuals to take control of their assets. Our partnerships with industry leaders highlight the importance of this project, and we look forward to continued growth and innovation in the blockchain space.”

The SBT mint site will launch on May 30, 2023 and the reveal date for the NFT has been set as September 9, 2023, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Marek Palatinus publishing the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 (BIP39).

The project will showcase at several prominent blockchain events, including NFT.NYC 2023, Consensus 2023, Blockchain Expo Tokyo 2023, and Blockchance 2023 in Germany.

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