Scenera’s MAIstro, an AI Topology Management Service Shows Capabilities at docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA


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Scenera, a leading AIoT data management company shifting the paradigm from simple streaming data to rich scene information that enables new and powerful analytical capabilities, will have an official presence at docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA in Tokyo, demonstrating its Al Topology Manager (SATM), MAIstro, for potential customers and businesses.

In partnership with Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS)’s AITRIOS™, Microsoft Azure and TnM Tech, MAIstro maximizes AI insights to previously unreachable applications with the latest technological developments in image sensors and other types of IoTs to effectively gather event driven data to further enhance and improve business insight applications. The combination and integration of sensing platforms and cloud services are attractive for customers across different industries.

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With the increasing use of Al across platforms, the challenge is no longer about which Al to use, but rather where to run the correct Al among various devices, bridges, carrier networks and in the cloud. MAIstro solves this problem by orchestrating Al across multiple platforms to ensure usage in optimal locations for the best results. Scenera’s demonstration of MAIstro at docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA will highlight three key services for customers:

  • Data Intake: Allows users to configure analytics for each individual data, anchored in relevant data
  • Event Logging & Management: Enables real-time event notifications, records and response data
  • Data Management Service: Creates insightful business data and dashboards dependent on the customer’s demand

As the leader in spatial intelligence for modern building management and applications, Scenera’s vision and goal in implementing MAIstro on docomo MECTM is to showcase its full capabilities and service for its existing and next generation of customers forwarding the global mobile communications sector.

“We’re thrilled to see MAIstro become onboarded onto docomo MEC solution and share SATM’s capabilities and offerings with our customer base,” said Mr. Yoshikazu Akinaga, Senior Manager from DOCOMO. “Scenera’s MAIStro is a spectacular and simple solution that addresses key challenges faced by our partners and customers and we’re excited to visually showcase how the service works within our R&D and innovation facilities.”

“Our newest technology MAIstro sets a new benchmark for AI-distributed video analytics and we’re proud of the continued expansion of our service adoption,” said David Lee, CEO of Scenera. “Integrating MAIstro with docomo MEC solution further establishes us a solution-driven industry leader streamlining AIoT data and cloud services for businesses to optimize its facility management applications to many different customers in smart buildings, health care facilities and public facilities managed by rural governments.”

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MAIstro’s scene-based data processing model revolutionizes smart building capabilities and safety, as customers can use its features to build customized workflows for the most ideal business insights from various IoT data streams. This system makes use of personalized customer-driven machine learning operations (MLOps) workflows that can be tailored to retrain and optimize analytics, increasing efficiency to best support customers’ business intelligence applications.

Furthermore, AI-based advanced solution provider Headwaters Co. Ltd. is a leading customer for Scenera MAIstro and SSS’s AITRIOS as a system integrator offering Edge AI solutions for smart building and logistics DX and will have a presence at DOCOMO.

“We’ve seen increased demand from our customers in wanting better and more cost-effective solutions for utilizing AI analytics in edge-to-cloud computing infrastructures,” said Yosuke Shinoda, CEO of Headwaters Co. Ltd. “Our partnership with Scenera to now offer MAIStro as a part of our service is game-changing for the industry and CRE markets, enabling a much more efficient and simplified platform for smart building management capabilities.”

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