ScalingX and BeWater Alliance to Shape the Future of the Web3 Developer Community


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ScalingX, a top Web3 developer community and accelerator, and, an open innovation platform for developers, have joined forces to provide essential developer solutions for the Web3 industry. Together, they will bring decades of expertise and resources of both companies to host founder services such as hackathons, conferences and demo days for the blockchain community., set to launch in February 2023, is an open innovation platform with online competitions, builder collaboration, and demo project services for cutting-edge Web3 founders. The platform brings together builders from different fields, including traditional product and design, to collaborate and share their multi-skilled sets, creating a strategic platform that serves as a talent and early project pool across the entire technology sector.

“The Web3 industry needs excellent builders, who will focus on the true value they bring not only to the developer community but also our society, to create innovation and value for the future,” said Thomas Yao, Co-Founder of, who previously built Open Source Society in Microsoft, and is continuing his passion in building for developers by designing the world’s first online hackathon process management solution. “We serve the builders by creating cross-industry opportunities for them.”

“We are thrilled to be working with to bring together an extensive developer community,” said Chichi Hong, Co-Founder of ScalingX. “’s focus on creating real technical value across multiple industries aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are excited to connect developers between the East and the West from different backgrounds together.”

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ScalingX and are set to host hackathons and conferences, to further connect the developer community. Developers and builders will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and collaborate with peers, while also learning about the latest advancements in the Web3 industry and beyond.

The first of these Web3 developer events launches with BUILD, a series of global cross-industry conferences, to be held in SingaporeHong Kong, and Shanghai. Expected to pull top builders in Asia, it is the place to be for early founders in Web3.

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