Rently Encourages Smart Home Techs With Accelerated Installation Workflow


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Rently, the leader in self-touring and smart home technology solutions, is pleased to announce a new feature to its Smart Home App that provides technicians with automated tools to accelerate installations and property managers with real-time notifications of successful smart home activations.

Using Rently’s Smart Home App, installers can now quickly verify their identity and begin installation. Rently’s app provides step-by-step instructions to guide installers through the entire process so they no longer have to call technical support to activate devices, resulting in significant time savings.

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“Rently recognizes the critical role that installers play in the deployment of smart home technology,” said Merrick Lackner, Rently CEO. “By eliminating the requirement for installers to contact intermediary technical support teams – just to verify device testing and activation – we hope to save them time, facilitate their projects, and make it easy for them to report their success to managers who receive these real-time updates on their Rently desktop portal.”

Rently’s new installer workflow synchronizes communications between smart home technicians and managers, saving both time and eliminating the uncertainty that property managers often experience when they must wait for tenants to confirm if smart home devices are functioning properly.

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