Rainbow Robotics Signs Trilateral Business Agreement with Schaeffler and Korea Electronics Technology Institute for AI-Mobile Dual-Arm Robot Development


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Rainbow Robotics, the robot platform company, announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to co-develop AI-mobile dual-arm robots with Schaeffler and the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI).

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Michael Pausch, Chief Technology Officer of Schaeffler’s Industrial divisionLee Jung-ho, CEO of Rainbow Robotics, and Shin Hee-dong, President of KETI. The agreement will see the joint development of AI-based mobile dual-arm robots and corresponding operation technologies for autonomous manufacturing and identify new business models to expand strategically into the global market.

Under this agreement, Schaeffler will develop and supply key components, including gearboxes for mobile dual-arm robots. Meanwhile, KETI will support the application of AI technology for manufacturing processes based on international standards. Rainbow Robotics will be responsible for developing AI-based robot operation solutions and overseeing the production of the mobile dual-arm robot. This collaboration will see jointly developed mobile dual-arm robots deployed in production sites across Germany and Korea to develop successful use cases for autonomous manufacturing and promote joint cooperation to expand sales to global markets.

Autonomous manufacturing is a futuristic production environment that uses AI-based technology and robots in manufacturing facilities across the entire manufacturing process. It is a technology that can sustainably increase the production efficiency of smart factories through artificial intelligence with minimal human intervention.

Dr. Lee Jung-ho, CEO of Rainbow Robotics, stated, “Rainbow Robotics has already initiated technical development cooperation with Schaeffler for the development of mobile dual-arm robots through pilot projects. It is significant for us to advance AI mobile dual-arm robot technology with Schaeffler, a global automotive and industrial machinery specialist with extensive expertise, and KETI, leading the research in AI-based manufacturing innovation technology, to contribute to the commercialization of autonomous manufacturing in the global market.”

Dr. Michael Pausch, Chief Technology Officer of Schaeffler’s Industrial division: “Korea stands at the forefront of the robotics industry, and we are excited to partner with Rainbow Robotics in driving advancements in this area. As a leading global motion technology company, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to create automated solutions that enhance efficiency and contribute to the evolution of smart and sustainable production processes.”

Shin Hee-Dong, President of KETI, said, “Through this agreement, we will provide KETI’s technology for the development of AI-Mobile Dual-Arm Robot with Rainbow Robotics and Schaeffler Group, bolstering the creation of a successful model for global R&D.”

As part of a three-day visit, Rainbow Robotics and KETI representatives visited Schaeffler’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach to further discuss the cooperation for robotics component development. They also visited Schaeffler’s Digital Transformation Center and the Innovation and Technology Centre for Production Systems at its Erlangen site, which are developing and demonstrating future production technologies.

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Schaeffler has been supplying innovative products and solutions in the field of motion technology, including high-precision components and systems for several automotive and industrial applications. In particular, the company focuses on expanding smart and digital automation solutions and is leading the development of precision components and solutions for industrial and lightweight robotics.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Robotics is pursuing its leap into a leading robot platform specialist in the global robot market by introducing robots with world-class quality, Korean-style service, and reasonable prices as part of its World-Class Quality, K-Service, C-Price (WKC) strategy.

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