Quectel Showcases Its Advanced Edge Intelligence & Artificial Vision Solutions At The MWC Barcelona 2023 Congress


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Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announces its participation in this year’s MWC Barcelona, ​​with a focus on expose their latest edge intelligence solutions. With Quectel smart module solutions , customers can process data in real time and make faster decisions based on it, as well as offering a range of features including low power consumption, edge computing and intelligence , high-speed connectivity and advanced security measures.

“For us, MWC Barcelona is the ideal platform to showcase the digital transformation we are driving across the industry,” said Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO of Quectel Wireless Solutions. “The wide range of demos attendees will see at our booth underscores the wide range of advanced applications that Quectel powers with ready-to-deploy smart modules that combine cellular and edge technologies.”

Quectel will demonstrate a number of live applications at the show, including:

  • A visual inspection solution, designed for manufacturing production lines, using Quectel’s SG865W-WF smart module and Qualcomm’s QCS8250 system-on-chip and industrial equipment with one camera, one lens and one light. The solution applies edge computing to do the real-time analysis needed to identify defective samples, for example, with scratches, dirt and abnormal prints on the surface of each module, filtering out defective modules during production. By implementing this solution, Quectel has achieved industry-leading accuracy and high-speed defect detection that improves production efficiency and the quality of our products.
  • A demonstration of intelligence at the edge using the Qualcomm QCM6490 chipset with Quectel’s SG560D smart module. The solution can detect and recognize various objects and fully apply hardware acceleration on CPU, GPU and DSP processors.
  • Buddy from Blue Frog Robotics, the world’s first emotional companion robot, has already won the affection of thousands of people around the world. Leveraging Quectel Wireless Solutions’ SC66 IoT module for its new Buddy PRO robot, Blue Frog Robotics creates Robots for Good, applying machine vision and intelligence at the edge to deliver far-reaching positive impacts on societal issues such as aging of the population, the inclusion of vulnerable people and education. With its unique charm, the companion enhances users’ lives by creating social bonds, supporting children’s learning, and supervising and caring for the elderly.
  • Teksun’s Tejas Care device will demonstrate how edge computing and machine vision capabilities can facilitate health monitoring with cameras in the home, for example, to monitor temperature, heart rate, detect falls and intruders, monitor stress and much more. The Teksun Tejas Care unit and SoMs use Quectel’s SC600T module and SC20 modules. These solutions apply edge computing and machine intelligence to enable a wide range of applications in the smart city, healthcare technology, automotive, industry 4.0, home automation and logistics sectors.

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Quectel’s Connectivity-as-a-Service offering enables all live demos on the booth at MWC and will also showcase Quectel’s Connectivity Management Platform (QCMP) and Integrated SIM (iSIM) offering. QCMP offers a centralized, easy-to-use solution to manage and monitor IoT devices and their connections over cellular networks. With the platform, users can manage and monitor their IoT devices, perform real-time analysis of network connectivity and performance, and configure and update device settings remotely.

Quectel iSIM ushers in a new era of flexibility and choice that is also backed by increased security for all types of devices. By eliminating the need to install physical, plastic SIM cards and eliminating the need to install SIMs at the point of deployment or integrate market-specific SIMs in factories, costs are reduced and logistics are simplified.

To learn more, visit Quectel at MWC Barcelona 2023, Hall 5, Booth 5A20, where the company will showcase Quectel’s machine vision solution with edge capabilities.

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