Queclink Announces Two Dual SIM LTE & Wi-Fi Routers For Fast & Secure Industrial Connectivity


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Queclink Wireless Solutions, a global manufacturer of Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, announced the launch of two LTE Cat 4 industrial routers with dual SIM cards. The WR201LEU is available in Europe, and the WR201LG with GNSS positioning is sold worldwide. These industrial routers offer robust data security, high reliability and fast deployment, making them ideal for applications such as Medical Device Networking, Security System, Vending Machine, and Intelligent Transportation.

Queclink’s industrial routers feature a rugged and durable design, ensuring high reliability and stable data communication. These products come with the following benefits:

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  • High reliability, reducing maintenance costs. The routers support dual SIM cards, effectively solving the problem of different network coverage from different carriers and providing stronger network coverage. In case of a network failure on one SIM card, the products can provide redundant protection to ensure system stability and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reliable data security, supporting VPN data encryption. For enterprises and businesses with higher requirements for data security, a dedicated encrypted network can be established using Queclink’s industrial routers to provide strong protection for user data transmission.
  • Support for fast deployment. Through Queclink’s industrial router wireless networking solution, on-site deployment can be quickly completed, significantly reducing deployment costs compared with wired solutions.
  • Support for multiple standard interfaces and industrial protocols. The routers support RS232 and RS485 serial ports, multiple inputs and outputs, and support industrial protocols such as MODBUS/MQTT, helping customers with rapid application development.
  • Work with the Queclink Remote Management and Monitoring Cloud Platform for efficient management. Through Queclink’s RMS platform, users can easily manage the device remotely without having to be present at the device site, enabling functions such as alarm management, task management, and data statistics.

Based on the aforementioned advantages, Queclink’s industrial routers can provide stable network support and access for various applications.

Queclink’s industrial routers provide a durable solution that meets the harsh requirements of the industrial environment based on the following features:

  • Reliable Connectivity with Dual SIM
  • RS232 and RS485 Serial Port, 10 PIN I/O
  • Dual-band WiFi, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac, 2.4/5 GHz
  • Support for multiple VPN protocols
  • GNSS positioning (available on WR201LG)
  • Support for industrial protocols such as MODBUS/MQTT

With years of experience in wireless communication and robust R&D capabilities, Queclink delivers industrial router products with high technical standards. The company designed the product line with multiple series and models, taking into account various application scenarios and diverse customer needs. Queclink’s after-sales service system ensures timely and effective support for its customers.

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