Plarium and Capcom® Bring Legendary Monster Hunter™ Collaboration to RAID: Shadow Legends


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Plarium, a global leader in developing F2P mobile and PC games with more than 480 million registered gamers worldwide, announced today, in association with Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom), that the world-renowned Monster Hunter franchise will cross over into the acclaimed dark fantasy collection RPG, RAID: Shadow Legends. From January 9 through March 5, 2024, players can obtain 5 Legendary Champions equipped with exclusive weapons and armor crafted from some of the most daunting Monster Hunter monsters like Rathalos, Zinogre, and Fatalis.

“We are thrilled to bring players an exciting new collection of Champions based on some of the most celebrated monsters in the Monster Hunter universe,” said Ronen Gross, VP of business development at Plarium. “It was an incredible experience collaborating with Capcom to perfectly blend both franchises and create something that feels similar yet completely unique.”

To meet the expectations of both fanbases, Plarium and Capcom teams worked together to ensure the most celebrated aspects of RAID and the Monster Hunter franchise are represented in the collaboration. As such, the five Champions based on the Monster Hunter franchise have skills that mirror some of the abilities available to characters who equip the same weapons and armor when playing the Monster Hunter games – creating something that will surprise and delight fans of both games.

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All 5 Legendary Champions will become available for players to collect in various ways between January 9, 2024 to March 5, 2024. The Rathalos Blademaster Legendary Champion can be obtained by all players through a special loyalty program where players simply log into RAID: Shadow Legends for seven different days during the course of this collaboration, and this powerful swordsman will be theirs to command. Players will also be able to obtain the other four Champions via special time-limited events that will run until March 5, 2024.

Players can look forward to a variety of community and in-game activities that celebrate this collaboration, as well as trailers that explain both how the majestic creatures of the Monster Hunter franchise made their way into the world of Teleria, and show RAID: Shadow Legends Champions facing off with the longstanding icon of the Monster Hunter franchise, Rathalos.

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