Pivoting to AI-Entertainment, Paranovus Entertainment Technology Ltd Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire BlueLine Studios


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Paranovus Entertainment Technology Ltd., today announced that it has signed a non-binding Letter of Intent to acquire 100% of BlueLine Studios Inc., a portfolio company of Caravan Digital L.P., a co-founder of consumer companies authentically powered by iconic artists and athletes in partnership with Creative Artists Agency.

The deal is anticipated to close in the fourth quarter of 2023, provided that the parties reach a definitive agreement and the Company secures financing of at least $5 millionThe completion of the deal is subject to customary approvals and closing conditions, including but not limited to satisfactory completion of due diligence and the Company’s receipt of the payoff letters pertaining to certain indebtedness of BlueLine.

Under the terms of the LOI, PAVS would acquire 100% of BlueLine’s equity interests from Caravan and other equity owners of BlueLine. The consideration to be paid by the Company to purchase the equity interests is approximately $3.2 million in cash and unregistered Class A ordinary shares. Additionally, the Company will issue $1.11 million worth of its unregistered Class A ordinary shares to Caravan. Furthermore, the Company will issue $3.6 million worth of its unregistered Class A ordinary shares and $2.0 million worth of restricted stock units to a special purpose vehicle controlled by Mike Teh Wang, who represents BlueLine management. Finally, the Company will make a payment of $1.63 million in cash and unregistered Class A ordinary shares to the financial advisor for this Acquistion at the closing.

Based in Vancouver, BlueLine is a video game developer that builds engaging interactive gaming experiences powered by world-class celebrity talent. BlueLine’s portfolio of games includes a previously released match-3 mobile game, Apple Arcade’s first trivia game, and other strategic projects in development.

Before joining BlueLine, its team had amassed extensive experience in the gaming industry. Their track record includes participating in the development of multiple AAA titles, such as numerous Need For Speed and EA Sports games at Electronic Arts as well as top mobile titles such as the Simpsons: Tapped Out at Electronic Arts and Disney Magic Kingdom at Gameloft. Additionally, their past expertise extends to helping engineer backend systems used by some of the biggest games in the industry such as EA Sports titles at Electronics Arts.

Under the terms of the LOI, BlueLine will have a right of first offer for any talent-related game development projects from Caravan for five years following the closing of the acquisition. During this period, BlueLine can decide to take on any potential gaming-related collaboration with talent which would allow BlueLine to execute its vision of delivering unforgettable, interactive chart-topping experiences that connect fans with their favorite celebrities.

The BlueLine team intends to leverage its experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in games and incorporate advancements in content generation to create ever expanding experiences. Following the acquisition, BlueLine will focus on the development of the Hollywood Sunshine project. This new game project, is expected to be a unique social gaming platform that features multiple celebrities and is driven by AI-generated content (AIGC). The Hollywood Sunshine project will be an engaging story-based role-playing game (RPG) set in an open world, available on both PC and mobile platforms. BlueLine aims to captivate users with real-time, instantaneous player-specific content generation, offering many hours of narrative-driven gameplay. Additonally, Caravan has agreed to bring at least three relevant star talents to participate in the game, assuming the acquisition is successfully completed.

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Xuezhu Wang, CEO and the Chairman of the Board of the Company, commented, “Completing this acquisition as envisioned would signify the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Paranovus Entertainment Technology Ltd. It will position us favorably as an AI-driven gaming and entertainment enterprise. The extensive expertise of BlueLine’s seasoned team and their long-standing relationships with Caravan and CAA will bring tremendenous value to our Company. Furthermore, the potential synergies between BlueLine and 2Lab3, both sharing a similar focus on AI, will further contribute to our future growth.”

“Partnering with a company that supports and shares our vision and values presents a remarkable opportunity,” stated Mike Teh Wang, CEO of BlueLine. “Our talented team is thrilled to join forces with PAVS after the close of the acqusition, leveraging our AI-powered technology and unique celebrity resources to develop and deliver an exclusive social gaming platform highlighting various celebrities.”

If successfully finalized, the acquisition of BlueLine will be the latest milestone for the Company, further demonstrating its new strategic focus on the burgeoning field of AI-powered pan-entertainment. In March 2023, PAVS acquired 2Lab3, a Los Angeles-based firm that initially focused on Web3 but has recently shifted its focus towards the development of AI-powered applications, marking the Company’s first step into this emerging technology field.

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