Persistent expands relationship with AWS to adopt Amazon CodeWhisperer


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Persistent Systems, a global Digital Engineering leader, is strengthening its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and becoming a collaborator for the latest Generative AI services from AWS. As part of its goal to drive developer productivity, Persistent will equip its 16,000-plus engineering organisation to use Amazon CodeWhisperer to build and deliver industry applications faster and more securely for enterprise clients. Trained on billions of lines of code, Amazon CodeWhisperer will help enable Persistent engineers to generate code with comments or existing code, helping them bypass time-consuming development tasks and accelerate their creation of new solutions.

Over the last decade, Persistent has continually expanded its relationship with AWS. As a leader in democratising access to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, AWS plays a key role in making Generative AI easy, secure, and cost-effective for clients. This includes a broad range of solutions, such as Amazon CodeWhisperer, Amazon Bedrock, and Amazon Titan FMs, along with purpose-built chips for ML training (AWS Trainium) and inference (AWS Inferentia) that offer the lowest cost for training models and running inference in the cloud.

Persistent has been working with transformer models and in the AI space for over two years, building its capabilities, accelerators, and client engagements. The Company is dedicated to bringing Generative AI at scale in a safe, trusted, and cost-effective manner. Together with AWS, Persistent will focus on privacy, security, and regulatory requirements to address client concerns and accelerate the adoption of Generative AI.

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Sandeep Kalra, CEO and Executive Director, Persistent:

“As a pioneer in Digital Engineering, we have always believed in staying ahead of the disruptive technology curve, such as Generative AI. Our proactive approach and deep collaboration with AWS have enabled us to provide game-changing engineering solutions that have accelerated time to value for our clients across industries.

With the adoption of CodeWhisperer by our engineering teams, we are witnessing valuable productivity gains across the software engineering lifecycle and expect these to improve significantly over time. With this alliance, we will work closely with AWS in onboarding our Enterprise and ISV clients to CodeWhisperer and provide them the necessary training and support to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”

Deepak Singh, Vice President, Next Gen Developer Experience at AWS:

“Working closely with Persistent over the last decade, it’s become clear that we share the same passion for innovation and relentless dedication to our customers. Persistent’s engineering pedigree and industry expertise combined with AWS’s generative AI solutions will make it easy, secure, and cost-effective for enterprise customers of any size to design and implement their generative AI strategies. We are excited to put CodeWhisperer in the hands of Persistent’s engineers so they can harness generative AI to accelerate application development and improve developer satisfaction, while taking advantage of built-in security scanning and the reference tracker to build applications securely and responsibly.”

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