Pathlight Unveils a New AI-Native LLM Solution


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Pathlight today unveiled Pathlight Conversation Intelligence (CI), introducing a new paradigm in AI-based customer interaction analysis. Leveraging the most sophisticated language models available, organizations can, for the first time, perform human-level analysis at scale maximizing quality and depth of customer insight. Pathlight CI represents a major technology leap in the application of AI to the field of conversational analysis, surpassing the superficial limitations of legacy solutions.

“The most critical business insights and customer issues originate from daily interactions, yet most organizations have visibility into less than five percent of conversations,” said Alex Kvamme, CEO, Pathlight. “The bottom line is that you can’t fix what you can’t see. Not only that, but you can’t truly understand a customer’s needs and future pain points unless you’re able to deeply understand what they are saying. Pathlight CI closes this information gap by enabling customer-facing teams to uncover and address issues quickly, and giving them unparalleled insights into emerging trends.”

Kvamme added, “Most non-AI-native conversational analysis tools in the market pick up bits and pieces of customer interactions, but words and tags fail to answer a fundamental question: why are my customers calling in the first place, and what do they need from us to make their experience better? We designed Pathlight CI to go above and beyond these superficial insights and extract the full picture of what the customer needs. Until Pathlight CI, we had barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.”

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Pathlight CI: Generative AI Provides Human-Level Conversation Analysis

Traditional conversation analysis remains incredibly limited. Today, the process is either managed manually by Quality Assurance (QA) analysts that can’t cover the full spectrum of conversations, or by a lightweight AI model that can analyze at scale but lacks deep insight. The common thread between both options is they are expensive and lack depth and scale.

Pathlight CI harnesses the latest in large language model technology, combining the depth and nuance of human analysis with the scale and speed of machine learning. Leveraging transfer learning and transformer architecture, as well as multiple LLMs, the new solution deciphers nuances in language and context far beyond the reach of traditional ML solutions, delivering a level of analysis previously unattainable.

The foundation of Pathlight CI is powered by a multi-LLM backend that uniquely leverages both public and privately hosted models. This architecture ensures each analysis job is matched with the ideal model, optimizing precision and efficiency, while also circumventing issues around context window limitations and rate limits. As a result, Pathlight is able to deliver human-level analysis with the speed and scalability of AI, revolutionizing the field of conversational analysis.

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Pathlight CI: Customer Benefits 

With Pathlight CI, organizations can:

  • Capture every conversation across every channel with AI, no training required: Capture, transcribe, tag, and categorize every customer conversation across every channel using Pathlight’s data pipelines and language models. Summarize, classify contact drivers/intent, detect resolutions, ask custom questions, and score agent performance across millions of conversations.
  • Uncover insights and track trends in real-time: Gain full insight into customer interactions across all channels, allowing you to identify trends, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks for a comprehensive understanding of your business. Capitalize on opportunities in a timely manner and make informed decisions based on data, rather than relying on instincts.
  • Deliver personalized guidance when needed: Deliver targeted, detailed feedback. Focus on the parts of each conversation that need attention. Build custom scorecards, view interactions side-by-side, and annotate specific phrases to deliver targeted feedback.
  • Answer complex, high-stakes customer questions: Pathlight CI delivers a nuanced view into the deeper layers of customer interactions. Uncover critical questions around customer issues and concerns beyond the surface-level inquiries. This deep-level analysis, unattainable through traditional methods, allows businesses to comprehensively understand their customers’ needs and priorities, thereby enhancing their capacity to deliver exceptional service.
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