OTAVA® Improves Desktop As A Service Solution To Elevate Remote Workforce Management


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OTAVA, a global leader in custom and compliant multi-cloud solutions, today announced that it has launched its new Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that empowers businesses to elevate their remote workforce.

OTAVA DaaS is powered by VMware Horizon DaaS and provides a complete virtual workspace from the cloud, delivering desktops and hosted applications as an easily managed, integrated cloud service. Enterprises can rapidly provision desktops and applications to users on any device, anywhere. OTAVA DaaS also reduces upfront costs and lowers desktop TCO with predictable cloud economics.

“While changes and shifts are always expected, the remote workforce is here to stay,” said TJ Houske, Senior Vice President of Technology, Operations, and Engineering, OTAVA. “In this new era, cost, productivity, experience and security are paramount. We’ve advanced our DaaS solution to protect and enable employees to work more efficiently within an optimized virtual infrastructure and desktop experience.”

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OTAVA DaaS is powered by VMware Horizon DaaS. Key features include:

  • Unified Desktop and Application Access
  • Convenient Single Sign On
  • Improved Desktop Performance
  • Persistent State Save
  • Enterprise Integration and Service
  • Simplified Management
  • Extended Credentials and Security Policies
  • Integrated Security

Aligning with the agile and flexible remote work model, OTAVA DaaS provides organizations with the ability to create custom environments with unique applications and programs for different roles. New virtual desktops can be quickly and conveniently provisioned as needed. Additionally, the solution improves cost predictability by eliminating the traditional capital expenditures and reducing TCO of desktop equipment.

Ultimately, OTAVA DaaS yields a more productive, satisfied, and secure workforce. It protects employees, devices, and data from cyber crime, and the virtual infrastructure enables them to work more efficiently and effectively.

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