OpenX Announces Programmatic’s First Supply-Side Cookieless Deal Library to Simplify Buyers’ Transition to Cookieless Targeting


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OpenX Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading omnichannel supply-side platforms, today announced the newest advancement in its suite of cookieless targeting solutions. The Cookieless Deal Library allows advertisers to easily test and scale campaigns against the full universe of cookieless targeting options and activate in their DSP of choice.

As the advertising industry prepares to face the biggest shift in the history of programmatic, 98 percent of marketers report they’re concerned about signal loss, and buyers aren’t equipped with a seamless way to test cookieless offerings within existing workflows to determine which solutions perform best at scale.

OpenX’s Cookieless Deal Library streamlines the process for buyers, enabling them to test new options with ease, maintain existing workflows, and continue to use their platforms of choice. This means it’s easy to immediately start testing multiple solutions, test them against each other, and set new benchmarks – all without incremental contracts or negotiations.

This new DSP-agnostic solution will allow buyers to easily access more than 1,000 pre-built deal IDs from a full range of cookieless tactics, which will include:

  • Alternative Identifier Deals powered by: Digiseg, ID5, and LiveRamp’s RampID
  • Attention Deals powered by: Adelaide, Oracle Moat, and TVision
  • Contextual Deals powered by: 4D, Audigent’s Contextual PMPs, Captify, Cross Pixel, Oracle Contextual Intelligence, Silverpush, and SQREEM Technologies
  • ID-Free Audience Deals powered by: Dstillery ID-free®
  • CTV Deals powered by: Samba TV
  • Privacy Sandbox Topics Deals powered by: Chrome
  • Publisher First-Party Data Deals powered by: Audigent’s Smart PMPs

Further, OpenX’s Cookieless Deal Library marks the first time that Google Privacy Sandbox Topics segments will be made available for buyers to target in any DSP, including those that aren’t currently supporting that technology.

The Cookieless Deal Library follows the launch of ConteX, OpenX’s contextual marketplace, with some ConteX deals delivering a 300% increase in delivery in non-cookied environments.

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“OpenX’s status as a leader in innovation, our direct premium publisher integrations, and our attention to customer feedback makes it easy for buyers to test, learn, and act. With the Cookieless Deal Library, buyers can log in today, select from the universe of cookieless deal IDs, and start testing solutions now,” said Matt Sattel, SVP, Buyer Development at OpenX. “Platforms that are overly reliant on indirect traffic and/or that lack dynamic technology infrastructures will be at a significant disadvantage in a world without cookies. We’re all going to need to test, learn, and pivot quickly in this new landscape.”

With this new library, buyers can now find and activate deals from OpenX’s robust ecosystem of dozens of data partners and targeting solutions that don’t rely on third-party cookies for matching or activation. This is an important step in cookieless innovation, with future innovations including enhanced forecasting tools and new off-the-shelf cookieless audiences.

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