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Today, OpenText™, announces, the company’s vision and direction for AI. is a new strategic approach to advance how customers can solve complex problems by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) with their OpenText Information Management software. Today the company is announcing:

  • the company’s vision, strategy, and next steps for customers to leverage AI capabilities from OpenText. Please visit our website for more information.
  • OpenText Aviator™: a family of practical and trusted generative AI capabilities within our Information Management Cloud Editions for: content, experience, business network, IT operations, developer operations, and cybersecurity.
  • OpenText Aviator™ Private Cloud: a new managed services offering to host and manage private LLM data and LLM models for OpenText private cloud customers. OpenText Aviator™ Private Cloud will be offered as an extension to the company’s current private cloud.
  • Titanium X enhancements: Titanium X is our capability roadmap and architecture through Cloud Editions 25. Titanium X is being updated for deeper integration and will leverage our AI tools across Cloud Editions, including foundation technologies such as OpenText Vertica, OpenText IDOL, OpenText Magellan, Core Capture for Machine Learning, IOT Services, Risk Guard and more. Enabling Customers to Make the AI Pivot

“The internet changed everything. With AI, everything must change,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO OpenText. “It is clear this is a new era of technology, the Cognitive era.  AI will impact what it means to be a company, what it means to work, and what it means to be human. We are excited to announce our initial vision and direction,, and our next set of capabilities called OpenText Aviator™ as part of our Titanium X roadmap.”

Barrenechea further added “We have helped customers build large data-sets over time, and now we will be providing the building blocks to help them leverage their data securely, in both private and public clouds. We look forward to engaging with customers to begin their AI journey with OpenText as their trusted partner.”

OpenText has long approached AI-led automation by helping customers effectively manage information and complex data from all events. With the acquisition of Micro Focus in January 2023, OpenText expanded its mission to include new AI capabilities with Vertica and IDOL, including geospatial and time series analytics, in-database machine learning, unstructured data analytics, sentiment analysis, etc. Moreover, OpenText has layered in world-class cybersecurity, protecting data and metadata at the code level, within core applications, and in the cloud as it engages with machine learning engines.

Now with, the vision is a poly-model approach focused on the right model for the right job.  Grounded in LLMs on top of private secured data, allows for a full stack or modular approach to practical AI.  Customers can take advantage of LLM-based capabilities within applications, or they can utilize OpenText Cloud API Services to create the right sandbox to experiment.

Information management and connected data across multi-cloud environments is foundational to AI.  The approach is what customers need to make the AI pivot by bringing together predictive AI-led analytics, AI-powered conversational search, and generative AI. This advancement will enable organizations to create new types of customer engagement, build smarter products, improve internal operations, and make smarter decisions. Some of the use cases that OpenText plans to enable include:

  • Customer Service & Business Support: automate level 1 support with conversational assistants that utilize LLM-based search capabilities to find and retrieve all types of data (e.g., contracts, tickets, usage), reducing time-to-resolution and increasing both customer and agent satisfaction.
  • Marketing: communicate at scale with personalized, autogenerated content using private data, LLM-based search to retrieve related content and images, and generative AI to bring together insights with content generation capabilities.
  • R&D: develop software applications with speed by applying LLM to gain predictive insights, utilizing conversational search to drill down into problem areas within the DevOps lifecycle, and effectively manage quality by autogenerating next needed test cases.
  • Sales: accelerate onboarding of new sales representatives by utilizing conversational assistant powered by LLM to find the most relevant product training and utilize generative AI to help develop materials for the next customer engagement.
  • Supply Chain: empower employees with the ability to anticipate risk and compliance requirements, easily locate vendor contracts with LLM-search, and apply generative AI to manage electronic connections more efficiently across vendors and partners.

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OpenText Aviator™: Practical Generative AI on Private Secured Data Sources  

Utilizing AI to accelerate its own innovation, OpenText Aviator is the LLM capabilities within each OpenText business cloud. Today’s announcement is OpenText’s vision and direction, and the first OpenText Aviator capabilities will be available to customers starting with Cloud Editions 23.4 due out in October.  We invite customers to explore our design blueprints as we will now be incorporating more AI features into our release cycles every 90 days.

Introducing OpenText Aviator:

  • OpenText Content Aviator: within OpenText Core Content, embrace conversational search experience to easily access stored knowledge, manage structured and unstructured data at scale, and automate intelligent workspaces.
  • OpenText Business Network Aviator: within OpenText Business Network Cloud Foundation, revolutionize business connectivity, identify anomalies in trading data, automate data mapping that enables exchange, and support intelligent decisions.
  • OpenText IT Operations Aviator: within OpenText SMAX, automate the full IT Operations value chain, redefine Level 1 Business Support across IT, HR, and Sales, and discover intelligent automation using generative AI.
  • OpenText DevOps Aviator: within OpenText ValueEdge, elevate developers around the world, enhance all aspects of application delivery, and get actionable insights into digital value stream KPIs.
  • OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator: within OpenText BrightCloud, gain contextual threat intelligence via API cloud services and react to threats in real time.
  • OpenText Experience Aviator: within OpenText Exstream, transform customer communications and elevate digital experiences through advanced LLM and generative AI for personalized content creation.

OpenText Private Cloud Aviator™: Trusted Partner for Your AI Journey   

For OpenText private cloud customers, OpenText will deliver a new Professional Service offering to help set up a private LLM, using out-of-the-box Aviator features or customers’ own private cloud environment for their information. OpenText can help customers advance using the data layers they operate in, matching those up with the right models, engineering the right way to extract that data, and then operationalizing the entire process.  OpenText Private Cloud Aviator will empower organizations to experiment with AI and LLMs, all while their data is protected.

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