Ooma Adds MultiPath Technology to Ooma AirDial, for POTS Replacement


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Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, today announced that the Ooma AirDial® solution for POTS replacement now incorporates Ooma’s MultiPath technology, a unique and patented feature that allows uninterrupted backup for life-safety devices such as fire alarm panels and elevator phones.

MultiPath, available now to all AirDial customers, creates a continuous dual connection between AirDial and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by transmitting data packets simultaneously through two links – AirDial’s wireless LTE network and the customer’s existing broadband network.

Technically an active-active topology, MultiPath intelligently monitors the flow of data packets, constantly judging the best link. If one connection is disrupted by congestion, dropped packets or latency, the other connection is automatically and instantly used. If one connection goes offline, calls in progress continue uninterrupted through the other connection.

This is distinctly different from the traditional failover feature of other POTS replacement products, where one link is designated as primary and the other as secondary. Only if the primary link fails does the connection switch to the secondary link. This disconnects any call in progress and requires re-establishing a connection, which can take a full minute or more and can be highly problematic during emergencies.

Ooma AirDial helps businesses and property managers survive the impending “copper sunset” of legacy analog phone lines, also known informally as Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS. Many life-safety and business-critical systems such as fire-alarm panels, elevator phones, building entry systems, burglar alarms and fax machines today rely on POTS connections. Yet, in the wake of the Federal Communications Commission lifting most regulations on carriers, monthly rates for POTS service are soaring and reliability is declining.

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Designed from the ground up as a turnkey solution for POTS replacement, Ooma AirDial brings together hardware, software, wireless connectivity and virtual analog phone lines in a single package with a single monthly bill from one vendor. Remote device management through an online portal makes it easy to monitor and control AirDial units across multiple locations and for IT consultants to supervise multiple accounts.

“Every second counts in an emergency and that’s why we’ve added MultiPath technology to Ooma AirDial,” said Thad White, vice president of product management for Ooma. “Our customers have told us they want a POTS replacement solution that is resilient, scalable and affordable. We’re proud to be one of the leaders in the market by offering this unique level of protection.”

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