Ohio-Based Haptic Startup Contact CI Is Announcing A New Product, “Maestro EP” At CES 2023!


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Maestro EP is a cutting-edge Multi-Force Ergonomic Haptics product. Contact CI is ushering in a new era for user interaction within simulation training and ultimately VR/AR experiences on the whole. Maestro EP enables virtual reality users to reach their hands into the experience while feeling engaged tangibly via highly tailored and impactfully nuanced simulations of the sense of touch.

This week at CES 2023, the Contact CI team will be introducing Maestro EP hands-on to VR users. Located in the Las Vegas Convention Center North hall, Booth #9539, Contact CI is demoing a never-before-experienced haptic showcase with a range of tactile interactions for wearers to “Feel The Unreal” within the grasp of their own hands

Maestro EP is an enterprise-targeted VR/AR haptic wearable and software development kit primarily built for Simulation Training VR applications. Priced at a ‘best-in-class’ $3,750 a pair, Maestro EP is now available for pre-orders to ship in 2023. When an organization is training its people for crucial hands-centric skills in spatial computing, Maestro EP upgrades their learning to a hands-on experience that they can compellingly feel. When hands-on training is cost prohibitive from a material, safety, or repeatability concern (i.e. expensive, time consuming, or dangerous), Maestro EP enables wearers to simulate the needed skills tangibly without the costly physical limitations.

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“Maestro EP is a lightweight and nuanced haptic interface that leverages years of iterative developments by the Contact CI team. As a new product in our signature Maestro line, Maestro EP highlights our approach of building Multi-Force Ergonomic Haptics enabling VR to be convincingly felt by a user’s fingers.”- Craig Douglass, CEO / Cofounder Contact CI

Maestro EP is the first product to launch following Contact CI’s industry recognition as VR Awards Finalists in both VR Hardware of the Year and Enterprise Solution of the Year for the Maestro DK3 in 2022. As a result of a successful partnership with the United States Air Force, USAF Simulator Chief Innovation Officer Margaret Merkel weighed in on the quality of the Maestro DK3 haptic interactions: “Contact CI has done an excellent job of blending force feedback and vibrotactile feedback, they have been able to create complex tangible interactions like switchology tasks inside VR cockpits while using a wireless lightweight wearable glove. Contact CI has convincingly simulated the sense of touch for VR and AR.”

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