New Userful Infinity Platform Launches Industry-First AVaaS, Taking Enterprise Ops To The Next Level


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Userful™, a provider of solutions for core enterprise operations, has announced the Userful Infinity Platform™, a unified AV as a Service (AVaaS) platform that combines a suite of AV applications, centralized AV management, and API integration with related Industry 4.0 applications. Userful has been committed to interconnecting any enterprise application from any source to any screen. The Infinity Platform provides all of this through a single pane of glass for IT departments.

The Userful Infinity Platform is the first IT solution to deliver a comprehensive suite of enterprise AV applications. The Infinity Platform includes applications including:

  • Decisions, Operation Centers
  • Trends, Data Dashboards
  • Engage, Digital Signage
  • Spaces, Meeting Rooms
  • Artistic, Experiential Environments
  • Remote, Streaming Channels and Training

The Userful Infinity Platform is also the first to deliver a suite of management tools, including:

  • AV service management through advanced workflows and cloud-based monitoring
  • AV source monitoring, from legacy AV sources to AV-over-IP streams
  • Server management, monitoring both CPU and GPU
  • Network monitoring of AV services
  • Endpoint management, from smart displays to adapters to zero clients
  • Grafana-based analytics and alerts

The Userful Infinity Platform modernizes AV service delivery versus traditional deployments that significantly increase complexity and cost with their siloed architectures with proprietary hardware and software. The Userful Infinity Platform is delivered through a future-proofed SaaS business model allowing customers to deploy on-premise, private cloud, or virtual private cloud.

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The Userful Infinity Platform is founded on a groundbreaking, innovative video engine that leverages state-of-the-art GPUs, utilizing CUDA cores for efficient video processing, tensor cores for advanced vision AI applications, and video encoders/decoders to facilitate real-time streaming. This video engine, underpinning the Userful Infinity Platform, called Chronos, can be seamlessly integrated within multi-GPU or multi-server configurations, employing Userful’s Aether manager for unified management and control of any hybrid or distributed architecture, also providing infinite scalability. This adaptability empowers organizations of all sizes to manage the interconnect of enterprise applications for industry 4.0, and manage diverse visual assets and destinations centrally. Aether not only offers centralized control over the video engine, visual assets/destinations and security policies but also furnishes an API that supports both applications and the interconnect of third-party applications in the future.

“The launch of our Infinity Platform marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth,” said John Marshall, CEO, Userful. “For the last three years, we have been building from a leadership position in control rooms, where operations requirements upon AV are the most extreme – real-time demands; a multitude of sources; resolution, frame rate, color depth; scale of visualization; and collaboration demands. This new platform represents three years of R&D, breakthrough development, integration with third parties, and optimization for the demands of enterprise IT. Our Infinity Platform delivers on the promise of offering infinite possibilities for enterprise IT.”

“We’re delighted to see Userful realize its AVaaS platform vision, which we discussed during our first introductory meeting four years ago in a small coffee shop in Calgary,” said Brad Johns, Chairman. “Execution of this vision has been impressive, despite the challenge of leading industry transformation, pandemic, and recession. With all metrics positive and a strong growth rate, we’re delighted to have Userful in our portfolio. This represents an inflection point for the company, as Userful enters a new growth phase in channel, ecosystem partnerships, and growth financing.”

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