New Pen Computers & Graphics Tablets From Huion Launch At CES 2023


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Huion, a leading writing device company, introduced its computers with state-of-the-art pen, tablet and mini keyboard at the world’s most influenced technology event, the Consumer Electronics Show. The exhibition allows visitors to have a first-hand experience with these products and share their insights with artists and creative professionals who have the same interests.

Pen computer – Kamvas Studio 24

Having a pen screen built into your computer will not only provide a standalone workstation for you, but it will also efficiently manage your workflow. With a 2.5K resolution, Kamvas Studio 24 lets you immerse yourself in work and fun on a 23.8-inch screen. This may be the preferred device of professionals and creative studios.

It is important to note that the pen computer is equipped with a new pen, the PW550, which is powered by Huion’s latest PenTech 3.0+ technology. Enhanced technology increases linear pressure sensitivity for natural writing and optimizes the pen tip for better vision. Another pencil-like pen, the PW550S, was also released, designed for long periods of use.

With regard to performance, this pen computer is powered by the Intel® Core™ i7-12700F processor, which delivers cutting-edge performance while loading professional software. The NVIDIA GTX1650 video card features exceptional performance in graphics design, video editing, and gaming. 32GB RAM allows you to perform multiple tasks at a reasonable speed. In addition, a 1TB SSD provides enough space to open a large number of programs without delay.

With regard to design, Kamvas Studio 24 has a pleasant aesthetic with black frame and doors developed for data transfer and that allow the connection of peripherals. Equipped with a camera and speaker, it allows regular use such as online teaching, video chats or live streaming.

Efficiency can also be achieved with the device’s capacitive ten-point touch. The feature allows you to access different functions in each of the software using multiple gestures, which makes your work more practical. As the flagship of Huion’s big launch, Kamvas Studio 24 is undoubtedly a complete device.

Pen Computer – Kamvas Studio 16

If you’re planning to expand your portable devices, Kamvas Studio 16 is the right choice. Its structure is strong and the visual, sophisticated and minimalist. Combining a laptop, tablet, and pen screen, the pen computer can be used as a computer for browsing websites and games and as a tablet for watching movies and editing documents. And as a pen screen, it can be used for drawing, graphic design and video editing. Whether it’s working, playing or creating, this three-in-one pen computer is the ideal device for today’s hybrid work.

QHD resolution (2560 x 1440) delivers crisp detail and vibrant graphics on your 15.8-inch screen. Because your device features QLED technology, 100% Adobe RGB range coverage, and 16.7 million (8Bit) color depth, you’ll get incredible sensory vision when editing graphics or playing in Kamvas Studio 16.

Powered by the Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 processor, the 15.8-inch pen computer runs all the creation software without problems. And the Intel® Iris® Xe GPU offers excellent graphics and video editing without delay.

To match the minimalist design, Kamvas Studio 16 only has two USB-C ports. Don’t get it wrong: in fact, they’re complete and can provide USB 3.2 (with a maximum data transmission speed of 20 Gbps), DP1.4 video transmission, and fast PD charging. This will give you more storage space for artwork and files with an external hard drive, or increase work productivity with an external 4K monitor. Because it has the capacity for a standard overall workflow, Kamvas Studio 16 is a good companion for creative professionals who create and work anywhere.

Tablet with pen – Inspiroy 2

Huion also launched the Inspiroy 2 tablet series in the exhibition. They are available in different sizes: small, medium and large. In Sakura pink, Pine green or Black, Inspiroy 2 is designed for the younger generation.

The Inspiroy 2 is the industry’s first design tablet equipped with a key set and a rotary button. The rotary knob is similar to the scroll wheel of a mouse. And yet, when you press any of the keys, the corresponding group of shortcuts will be activated immediately, greatly improving the workflow and making the tablet ideal for art school students and creative professionals.

Strong compatibility will offer many benefits to users. ChromeOS support will benefit students who access online education during the pandemic. In addition, Inspiroy 2 series tablets are portable in terms of size and thickness.

Mini keyboard


As an innovator and manufacturer, Huion has arrived on the CES stage and launched a number of innovative products, showing its production and creativity in digital writing devices and solutions. The big release corresponds to Huion’s principle of “taking into account the user’s request, encouraging user engagement, meeting goals with user-oriented thinking.”

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