New data reveals which upcoming game release the states are most excited for – COD crowned top


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New data has revealed which upcoming games are being searched for the most across the United States as the festive period begins. 

The research, conducted by online betting site CSGOLuck, looked at the average monthly Google search volumes for games that are being released between now and next year, to name the most-anticipated – and reveal which title every state is most excited to play. 

When identifying the most hyped-up states, the overall monthly searches were scaled against each population to get the average interest per 100k.  

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was named the nation’s most searched-for game. Set to be released November 10th, the game has an average of 80.4k monthly searches across the US- – 3005% higher than the national average interest for upcoming releases (2.5K average monthly searches).

This was followed by UFC 5 with 35.6k searches, then Alan Wake 2 closely behind with 35.5k monthly searches, both coming out next week on October 27th.

The fourth most searched for game in the US is Ark 2 which is set to be released at some point next year and has amassed 28.8k average monthly searches.

The fifth most searched-for game is Hogwarts Legacy, which is released on the Nintendo Switch on the 14th of November, with 23k average monthly searches.

#1 Most Anticipated: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The data reveals that the state searching for the new Call of Duty game the most was Missouri, with 45 searches per 100k people in the state.

Second most excited for Call of Duty is Nevada, with 28.7 searches per 100k, closely followed by California, with 27 searches per 100k.

#2 Most Anticipated: UFC 5 

The top state searching for UFC 5 was Nevada, with 14 monthly searches per 100k – a 51% decrease in the number of searches for Call of Duty.

This was followed by the state of West Virginia with 12.6 searchers per 100k, whose next most anticipated new release was City Skylines 2 with 7.7k searches. In third is New York with an average of 12.3 monthly searches.

#3 Most Anticipated: Alan Wake 2  

For Alan Wake 2, with 16.4 monthly searches per 100k, Washington takes the top place. Coming second is Oregon, with 14.2 searches. This is 33% higher than their no.1 most searched for game Nightingale, which comes out next February.

The third top state searching for Alan Wake 2 is New Hampshire who also averaged 14.2 monthly searches per 100k. 

#4 Most Anticipated: Ark 2 

Taking the top spot for most eager to get their hands on a copy of Ark 2 is Wyoming, with a respectable 16.1 monthly searches per 100k of the state population. 

Second is North Dakota with 14.3 searches per 100k, 81% more than the game they rank no.1 in searches for: Wild Card Football.  

The third biggest anticipator for Ark 2 is Alaska, with 14.3 searches per 100k. Their next most anticipated game is The Day Before, out on 10th November, with 6.8 per 100k. 

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#5 Most Anticipated: Hogwarts Legacy

While already a huge success after being released on PC, Xbox and PlayStation back in February, Hogwarts Legacy comes to the Switch platform next month with Utahbeing the most eager for this release, having an average of 16.3 searchers per 100k..

The next most enthusiastic state is Idaho with 8.9 monthly searches – making Hogwarts Legacy their most anticipated release out of the top 10 games.

In third is Colarado with 8.3 searches per 100k, with this being their most searched for game in the top 10.  

A spokesperson from CSGOLuck offers tips on how to secure the best deals during the festive months for these games, saying: “It can be difficult knowing where to look for the best prices for these games as the festive period begins – especially if you’re purchasing them for a loved one as a gift, and are unfamiliar with the usual retailers. 

“Black Friday deals and pre-orders can be a good option, although sometimes waiting until closer to Christmas can work well, as some companies put out their best prices then to entice last-minute buyers and to fare well in the Christmas best-seller rankings.

“With the rise in online gaming over the last few years, getting your friends and family the latest game can be one of the best choices for gifts this year. Especially as many include multiplayer options, making them a great way to socialize with your loved ones.” 

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