Netlify Acquires Stackbit to Offer Web Teams a Complete Solutions Across their Web Stack


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Netlify, the leading platform for modern web development, today announced the acquisition of visual editing solution Stackbit.

For the past several years, web development platforms have focused on giving enterprises better tools that focus on developer productivity. Now, companies are looking for tools to deliver unparalleled value to marketers and product managers with collaboration orchestration. The acquisition of Stackbit expands Netlify’s product portfolio, empowering marketers and product managers with the ability to design, create, and edit experiences within composable platforms.

With enterprise customers like Telus, one of Canada’s largest telecommunication companies, Stackbit enables marketers, product managers and project managers to create and update new and existing websites and applications. Stackbit is easy to use and can aggregate content from any headless CMS, content source, or custom data source, creating a streamlined singular workflow for front-end content changes. Stackbit has the power to update objects within the UI and write the changes automatically to the originating source.

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Stackbit reduces bottlenecks and increases developer productivity by empowering all employees to make web changes quickly and easily. The addition of Stackbit to the Netlify platform gives Netlify customers the tools they need to quickly update web copy and content, make edits, localize content, and execute faster. Marketers and other business users are now equipped to seamlessly deliver innovative and agile marketing campaigns to all website visitors and app users worldwide faster.

“This acquisition brings the power of Stackbit’s visual editor to our product portfolio, expanding our offerings to now empower marketers and non-developers to rapidly create, innovate, and iterate. ” said Matt Biilmann, CEO at Netlify.

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