Maqsam Launches Groundbreaking Arabic Speech Recognition Technology


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Maqsam, a leading MENA-based cloud communications company, has achieved a significant global breakthrough in the field of Arabic automatic speech recognition (ASR); also known as Speech-To-Text (STT). The company’s innovative language models have outperformed Google, Microsoft, and other regional competitors in the race to accurately transcribe the diverse dialects of the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region.

Founded by Fouad Jeryes and Sinan Taifour along with long-time industry professionals, Maqsam is a company built on a foundation of technical excellence. The team has a proven track record of developing award-winning technology solutions and serves 1000+ customers in 15 markets today and is poised to once again disrupt the market by opening the gates to Generative Artificial Intelligence in their native language.

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Arabic is a language with 422 million native speakers and around 1.5 billion total speakers globally, but is one of the most neglected languages when it comes to native deep tech offerings as a low resource language. In the era of innovations in conversational intelligence like ChatGPT, Maqsam’s ASR / STT technology has been designed to accurately transcribe the challenging dialects of everyday spoken language in the MENA region over classical Arabic with its varying orthographies, phonetics and phonological differences, all while providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to automate their customer engagement operations. Unlocking priceless gems between the lines, Maqsam’s technology will allow businesses to convert their normal customer engagement channels into profit pipelines.

“Many years of experience went into achieving where we are today and yet this is the tip of the iceberg. Our competitive advantage lies within our proudly native and capable regional team of engineers, Machine Learning task force as well as mentors who are celebrated global leaders in this particular discipline. Our goal is one where we are helping enable the MENA region to unleash its true potential within a global revolution, rather than be an afterthought once more.” said Sinan Taifour, CEO of Maqsam during their live showcase at the LEAP technology expo in Riyadh.

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