M31 Powers Intel’s IFS Alliance to Promote Advanced SoC Development and Innovation


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M31 Technology Corporation (M31), a founding member of the Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Accelerator IP Alliance, today showcased M31’s advanced process IP R&D capabilities at Intel’s inaugural IFS Direct Connect event. With the trend towards the use of more sophisticated advanced process technologies in emerging applications, customers can leverage M31’s complete IP solutions to further boost system-on-chip (SoC) innovation for advanced applications such as artificial intelligence, high-speed computing and automotive.

In globally popular application fields, high complexity in advanced process technology is required. As one of the few global IP providers of advanced process IP technologies, M31 has become a key player in driving semiconductor design innovation. M31 offers a range of market-leading IP solutions and comprehensive IP integration services to meet designers’ specifications and requirements, giving customers an edge in accelerating designs. With M31’s competitive performance and latest specification high-speed interface IP products, including USB4, PCIe 5.0, MIPI C/D PHY, etc., customers can accelerate and optimize the required designs for data transfer/storage, image processing, memory, and other related applications by immediately adopting M31’s IP solutions portfolio. Moreover, M31 has expanded its R&D capabilities in Fundamental IP over the past year, focusing on the development of standard cell libraries, memory compilers, and I/O for advanced manufacturing processes. M31 possesses a comprehensive portfolio of industry-standard IP, coupled with customized technology and R&D experience, enabling customers to seize the time-to-market opportunities.

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Scott Chang, CEO of M31, said at the meeting, “M31 possesses a comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven IP products, and we are also actively developing solutions for advanced processes, injecting IP R&D resources into the IFS Alliance to accelerate product development and mass production for our mutual customers and partners, meeting the high-quality and high-performance requirements of IC design.”

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