LogicMonitor Simplifies Multi-Cloud Complexities for CloudOps Teams


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LogicMonitor, the leading SaaS-based hybrid observability platform powered by AI, today announced the extension of its LM Envision platform for CloudOps, optimizing how teams monitor hybrid and multi cloud environments. With leaders recently describing their monitoring tools as “chaotic,” the latest capabilities empower CloudOps teams to quickly identify problems, prevent issues, and maintain service levels without wasting time and resources.

“Our clients have hybrid and multi-cloud environments that are exploding in complexity and costs,” said John Kim, General Manager, Cloud and Logs, at LogicMonitor. “With our ongoing extension of LM Envision, we are committed to empowering customers to scale their hybrid and multi-cloud investments with our platform’s market leading visibility and layers of intelligence.”

New Capabilities for Increased Visibility to the Cloud:

  • Visualize the health of complex cloud environments: LM Envision’s Resource Explorer allows CloudOps teams to quickly organize and visualize their entire hybrid multi-cloud deployments to see overall resource and application health.
  • Unified view for hybrid and multi-cloud resources: LM Envision’s Resource Explorer enables CloudOps teams to quickly make sense of data from environments that frequently grow and change with grouping and dynamic filtering based on user-defined tags such as provider and region.
  • Rapid incident response: Teams can efficiently navigate across multi-cloud resources to isolate high-priority issues and accelerate resolutions, saving time and budget for innovation.

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“As customers diversify their IT environments, LogicMonitor is expanding its capabilities to bring greater intelligence and automation to the challenge of managing and monitoring them,” said Jean Atelsek, Analyst at 451 Research. “This includes greater visibility into cloud networking and contextual awareness, aiming for faster incident identification and resolution. The company has worked to ease customers’ transition to the more granular observability tooling that is necessary to find and fix problems in cloud-native and hybrid environments.”

“The value of LogicMonitor for our business is immense. We are able to stay ahead of potential incidents and allocate more time innovating for our customers,” said Laura Murphy, SVP, IT Operations, Acxiom.

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