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Today, a groundbreaking shift in personal computing takes off with the launch of, an innovative AI-driven custom PC design and build service.

Developed in the UK, this team of experts, known for their work building systems for VFX studios and big-tech companies, introduces a revolutionary new approach to PC building using AI, addressing the demand for immediate custom PC designs and meeting the needs of the burgeoning market in AI PCs.

On the surface, AI PC Builder tackles the immediate need for expert-level system specifications in the custom PC market. This AI-driven platform provides instant recommendations, leveraging the latest component prices and product updates from thousands of online PC retailers and component manufacturers. Suitable for designing custom gaming PCs, professional workstations, network designs, HPC systems, and even on-prem servers, streamlines the PC building process for both novice and expert builders.

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AI PCs, such as those equipped with processors featuring neural processing units (NPUs), represent a new era in computing. These devices, optimized by companies like NVIDIA, Intel and AMD, handle AI workloads efficiently on the device or appliance, offering new capabilities like offline AI tasks. It is these new AI PC chips that will soon be available through the website and API. As the AI PC industry evolves, is at the forefront, guiding thousands of users worldwide in designing systems that harness the full potential of AI PC technology.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM, and live market data from thousands of online retailers, is already available on the OpenAI GPT Store, and as a chat-bot on the website. Users can design their PCs and then submit specifications for Human Verification through the AI’s website, followed by a build-and-delivery service, providing customers with a complete AI PC retail experience.

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