KOAMTAC Introduces Innovative Power and Charging Solutions for the Samsung Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5


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KOAMTAC® Inc., a leading ConvergedScan™ solution provider encompassing software barcode decoders, Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, barcode Sleds, RFID Sleds, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions, and enterprise charging solutions, unveils its latest line of power and charging accessories tailored for the Samsung Galaxy XCover7 smartphone and Tab Active5 business tablet.

XCover7 Charging Cradles and Accessories:

The cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy XCover7 demands reliable, high-quality accessories, and KOAMTAC delivers with its customizable charging cradles and additional power accessories. A notable improvement is the modular mix-and-match spacer system allowing for flexible layouts—a feature shared with XCover6 Pro Charging Cradles, but absent in legacy models. This innovation drastically reduces the generation of plastic waste by 70% as subsequent device upgrades won’t require replacing the entire cradle solution.

KOAMTAC charging cradles for XCover7 provide a simplified charging dock suitable for both large and small device fleets and are available in 1, 2, 5, or 10-Slot configurations with additional models created specifically for use with XCover7 Smartcase and XCover7 Smartcase Extended Battery Pack.

They are designed for efficient space utilization, eliminating unnecessary cords. Devices securely fit into the cradle, ensuring a stable charging environment and avoiding accidental damage during charging. Equipped with LED indicators for charging status, these cradles include enhanced security features like temperature detection, a drain spout, and charge-out timer. Charging is facilitated through pogo pins, reducing wear-and-tear on device ports. All XCover7 and XCover7 Smartcase charging cradles support Fast Charging. KOAMTAC also offers 4-slot and 20-slot charging cradles for XCover7 4050mAh original batteries.

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XCover7 Smartcase Charging Cradles and Battery Pack:

KOAMTAC also unveiled charging cradles that seamlessly integrate with the XCover7 Samsung Smartcase and the 4050mAh Extended Battery Pack for the XCover7 Smartcase. They enable charging without needing to remove the Smartcase and come in multiple configurations. enhanced battery capacity, users can attach the 4050mAh Extended Battery Pack directly to the Smartcase, ensuring prolonged battery life for the XCover7. Through the use of the KOAMTAC charging spacer system, various charging cradle configurations are accessible to support charging the XCover7 Smartcase Extended Battery Pack.

Dr. Hanjin Lee, President of KOAMTAC, remarked, “Our charging cradles are the perfect power-accessory for those looking to save counter space and minimize cable clutter. KOAMTAC cradles simultaneously charge your devices from a single power source. Through our modular spacer system, users future-proof their charging cradles for upcoming devices—just swap spacers. It’s the easiest way to protect your hardware investment.”

Charge on the Go with Forklift and Car Charging Cradles:

The latest addition to the impressive line of KOAMTAC charging cradles for XCover7 are the Forklift and Car Charging Cradle Mounts. Tailored for material handling, transportation, logistics, and field mobility environments, these cradles are engineered to meet the challenges of daily operations.

The Car and Forklift cradles utilize Gamber-Johnson Zirkona™ mounting solutions, ensuring a sturdy grip for secure mounting on your vehicle’s windshield or dashboard, and forklift’s overhead guard or rectangular and roll-formed guard legs.

With USB 5V fast charging or external 12V charging (Forklift Cradle only) capabilities, our Car and Forklift Mount Charging Cradles enable simultaneous charging for both the SmartSled and/or your smartphone. Enhanced security features include temperature detection, waterspout, and Adaptive Charging, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Charge conveniently via pogo pins or USB Type-C. Models will be available for XCover5, XCover6 Pro, XCover7, KDC1000/1100, SKX5, and SKX6Pro and release in the first quarter of 2024.

Lastly, for businesses upgrading to KDC1000/1100 SmartSled scanners for data collection, the XCover7 charging cradle can be upgraded to support the sled solution.

Galaxy Tab Active5 Charging Cradles and Accessories:

KOAMTAC is proud to introduce new charging solutions specifically designed for the latest Samsung rugged business tablet, the Galaxy Tab Active5. KOAMTAC charging cradles ensure a stable and efficient power delivery for the Galaxy Tab Active5, catering to the diverse needs of users in various industries. The Galaxy Tab Active5 5-Slot Charging Cradle allows simultaneous Fast Charging for up to five tablets, compatible with the genuine Galaxy Tab Active5 and the original inbox protective boot. In addition, KOAMTAC presents a 1-Slot Charging Cradle for the Galaxy Tab Active5, supporting Fast Charging and featuring 2 USB ports for additional device charging. The cradles are thoughtfully crafted to provide a secure and convenient charging environment, aligning seamlessly with the tablet’s features and functionalities. Enhanced security features include temperature detection, waterspout, and a charging timer.

To cover the needs of large fleets, KOAMTAC also offers 5-slot Battery Charging Cradles capable go simultaneously changing spare batteries for Galaxy Tab Active5. These charging solutions are backwards compatible with the Galaxy Tab Active3 and could serve mixed fleets using Tab Active devices from previous generations.

Galaxy Tab Active5 Smartcase:

KOAMTAC also launched the Galaxy Tab Active5 SmartSled case, offering enhanced functionality for users seeking a rugged data collection solution. The SmartSled case seamlessly integrates with a KDC480/485 barcode scanner, providing modular RFID reader support, ergonomic design, and mPOS capabilities. Users can customize their Galaxy Tab Active5 SmartSled with a KDC480 scanner, choosing from 1D laser, 1D CCD, or 2D imager scan engines with options for normal and long-range barcode reading. When equipped with the SmartSled Case, the Tab Active5 Pro can leverage KDC480 and Pistol Grip Charging Cradles to simultaneously charge the tablet, SmartSled scanner, and companion (if applicable. BLE 5.0 ensures seamless and reliable communication between the SmartSled and Tab Active5.

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