Kigen & Skylo Partner To Develop eSIM & Satellite Connectivity To Strengthen 5G IoT Potential


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Kigen, a global security leader in IoT enablement with its SIM, eSIM and iSIM technology solutions and Skylo, a satellite or non-terrestrial network (NTN) operator focused on connecting everything, everywhere, together make it easier for device manufacturers to integrate satellite connectivity, enabling seamless transitions between cellular and satellite connectivity through the Skylo’s SIM profile. This combination is particularly attractive for devices used in harsh environments, where reliance on terrestrial cellular networks alone can be problematic, and is embraced by market leaders in rugged technologies, such as  Bullitt .

This revolutionary form of satellite connectivity is based on the latest 3GPP NB-NTN standards. Skylo chose Kigen for several reasons: it is a flexible and rapidly growing digital SIM solutions provider, proven with more than two billion SIM cards, and its solutions are already integrated and adopted by main operators. This is part of a goal to grow the cellular market and unlock new secure IoT use cases for an enhanced customer experience that matches the future of SIM.

“No behavioral changes are required when using our satellite network instead of a terrestrial cellular network,” said Skylo CTO Dr. Andrew Nutall. accessible using already well-established supply chains and processes across the cellular industry today. This represents minimal behavioral change, if any, for device manufacturers who want to integrate the connectivity of Skylo in their devices or for businesses that want to add satellite connectivity to their compatible IoT devices.”

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Skylo builds on established and open 3GPP standards, using existing satellites with licensed spectrum as well as modems already built into the devices, without requiring custom hardware and protocols. Thanks to these standards, Skylo is 100% interoperable with all current terrestrial operators. Its patented NTN RAN, Core, SIM card management and provisioning system and all of its end-to-end technology is standards-based to make satellite connectivity as easy as choosing the right one. operator and the right data offer.

“Skylo’s service has enabled cellular devices equipped with our SIMs to extend user coverage to satellites,” said Loic Bonvarlet, senior vice president of product marketing for Kigen. global connectivity. Using the same SIM card provisioning, provisioning and authentication processes that our OEM customers know today allows them to develop innovative products faster.”

Kigen and Skylo will be together at Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC’23) in Barcelona, ​​the week of February 27-  March 1 . Attend the 5G IoT Summit during MWC’23 on March 1 in  Hall 7, Theater 6 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (CET) to see Kigen and Skylo’s presentation about their solution and its adoption.

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