Keyfactor Signum SaaS Now Present On Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Making Code Signing Effortless For Developers


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Keyfactor, the identity-first security solution for modern enterprises, today announced that its code signing as-a-service platform, Keyfactor Signum SaaS, is now available on Azure Marketplace. By offering Keyfactor Signum SaaS through Azure, developers have a self-service, instant deployment option to securely sign code and containers.

In the past year, software supply chain attacks have skyrocketed. Code signing keys continue to be high-value targets for cybercriminals for the critical role they play in protecting the integrity of software and infrastructure. When attackers compromise code signing keys, they are able to disguise malware or malicious software as authentic code. With the significant visibility challenges presented by today’s hybrid, ever-growing connected landscape, ensuring only the right people and tools have access to sign code is critical to preventing breaches and supply chain attacks.

Keyfactor Signum SaaS helps developers eliminate worries that an unknown, untrusted source has infiltrated their organization’s systems by ensuring private keys never leave the HSM and that access is restricted. The solution also integrates natively with popular signing tools like Microsoft SignTool, OpenSSL, and Jarsigner, allowing developers to natively sign code and containers using existing tools they are already familiar with, enhancing the ease of use and eliminating friction between security and development. By implementing security into developers’ workflow, Keyfactor Signum SaaS empowers businesses to maintain secure practices even with rapid development.

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“In June, businesses will have to comply with the new CA/Browser Forum requirements, which mandates that businesses generate and store code signing keys in a cryptographic module,” said Ben Dewberry, Product Manager Signing & Key Management, Keyfactor. “Keyfactor Signum SaaS allows businesses to not only secure, generate, store, and use code signing within minutes to protect sensitive keys, but also keep up with the speed of development. We are thrilled that Keyfactor Signum SaaS is now available on Azure, equipping even more developers with our leading code signing solution to establish the highest level of digital trust and protection.”

Keyfactor Signum SaaS is a solution hosted and managed by Keyfactor in the cloud. Key features and benefits include:

  • Faster Speed of Deployment: Instant provisioning, a robust Azure built in resilience provides customers with the elasticity to scale up as needed on demand.
  • Simplified Signing: “Keyfactor Signum SaaS integrates with DevOps workflows and CI/CD tools to provide efficient signing without slowing down development.”
  • Reduced Risks: Keyfactor Signum ensures that private keys never leave the HSM while access remains restricted.
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