ITRI and 6G-SANDBOX Signs MoU to Propel 6G Innovations


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The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with 6G-SANDBOX, a pan-European testbed for 6G experimentation funded by Smart Networks and Service Joint Undertaking under Horizon Europe. This partnership aims to enhance cooperation between European and Taiwanese enterprises in the realm of 6G research by connecting 6G-SANDBOX testbeds with Taiwan’s telecommunications ecosystem.

Delving into 6G research domains, ITRI and 6G-SANDBOX will focus on areas such as joint communications and sensing (JCAS) and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS). ITRI will facilitate 6G-SANDBOX’s access to critical components, including 5G cores, 5G O-RAN base stations, SMO/RIC management platforms, JCAS frameworks, and advanced network planning and emulation tools. Functioning as a vital catalyst within the Taiwanese ecosystem, ITRI will proactively engage companies in the MoU. To commemorate the initiation of this collaboration, ITRI representatives visited the 6G-SANDBOX testbed in Malaga on November 8.

Pang-An Ting, General Director of ITRI’s Information and Communications Research Laboratories, shared ITRI’s recent strides in the ICT sector. “During our visit to Gothenburg for the EuCNC & 6G Summit this year, ITRI collaborated closely with leading lights in the 6G academia and industry. We explored robust research and development partnerships with European counterparts. I’m also pleased to announce that ITRI has successfully joined the esteemed ranks of the 6G-IA. By seamlessly integrating technologies, applications, and experimental networks from Taiwan into the 6G-SANDBOX testbeds, we are paving the way for collaborative experimentation for people in Europe and Taiwanese companies and institutes, focusing on both 5G and 6G technologies. Auray Technology has expressed keen interest in contributing their expertise in OTIC, including RAN Intelligent Controller and security testing. Looking ahead, we plan to extend invitations to universities and additional Taiwanese companies, aligning our shared commitment to innovating 5G networks and defining 6G standards.”

6G-SANDBOX coordinator Michael Dieudonne stated, “Through a robust interconnection between 6G-SANDBOX testbeds and the ITRI experimental network, we aim to create a comprehensive research platform for 6G applications. This MoU will further our ability to work with thought leaders across the globe and jointly run experiments to further advances in wireless communications.”

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Launched in January 2023, the 6G-SANDBOX project is led by Keysight Technologies and includes esteemed partners such as COSMOTE, Eurescom, FOGUS Innovations & Services P.C., Fraunhofer FOKUS, ICTFICIAL OY, INFOLYSIS P.C., Institute for Software Engineering and Technologies (ITIS) at the University of Malaga, Lenovo, IS-Wireless (ISRD), the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSRD), Nokia eXtended Reality Lab, OpenNebula Sytems SL, OWO, Queen’s University Belfast, Telefonica, and the University of Oulu. The project’s objective is to develop a large-scale EU-wide experimental platform for 6G technologies. This platform allows companies and research institutions to test and validate their new technologies, including promising technical 6G enablers such as network automation, cybersecurity, digital twins, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and technologies that optimize energy consumption. 6G-SANDBOX delivers fully configurable, manageable, and controlled end-to-end networks comprising digital and physical nodes, enabling the validation of new technologies and research advancements for 6G.

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