Intella X, Neowiz’s Web3 Gaming Platform, Announces Its Ecosystem Partners


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Following the recent announcement of $12 million in private funding, Neowiz’s Web3 gaming platform Intella X has unveiled its initial ecosystem partners.

The platform’s initial gaming ecosystem consists of more than 30 high-level global partners from various sectors including gaming, investments, blockchain services, and security to accelerate and strengthen Web3 gaming through Intella X.

Intella X partners include Polygon, Animoca Brands, Magic Eden, Big Brain Holdings, Planetarium Labs, Global Coin Research (GCR), ConsenSys (Infura), Neowiz, Arumgames, Blue Potion Games, Hidea, Massive Gaming, Modori, Ozys, Web3Auth, CertiK, Haechi Labs, Theori, Block Crafters Capital, Kross Lab, Bora, Crit Ventures, JoyCity, Kaura, Kracker Labs, Mobirix, Neon Games, Pearl Abyss, Widus Partners, Wemix, Swapscanner and XL Games.

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An Intella X official commented, “Through the support of our high-level ecosystem partners, Intella X will be built as a global hub of Web3-focused gaming ecosystems that puts into practice the core values and philosophy of Web3 and leading Web3 gaming innovators.”

Each partner in their respective industries is committed to accelerating the mass adoption of Web3 and the long-term growth of the Intella X gaming ecosystem by joining forces to bring the highest quality gaming experience to Web3.

Intella X will make its global debut at Polygon in the first quarter of 2023 with its proprietary mobile wallet, DEX, NFT market, launch pad and gaming lines by 2023.

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