InstaVolt Collaborated With TatvaSoft For EV Charging Mobile App Development


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Global custom software development organisation, TatvaSoft, announces collaboration with InstaVolt, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle charging networks.

InstaVolt’s goal is to provide the simplest and most transparent approach to EV charging in the UK, where customers can operate the chargers using any contactless debit/credit card and only pay for the electricity they use. The company needed a technology partner that could deliver bespoke software requirements, including an eMSP and an EV charging mobile application to expand its customer offering, while maintaining its ease-of-use and class-leading reliability that are central to its customer proposition.

TatvaSoft developed a highly scalable microservices-based serverless solution, implementing industry-standard EV-network communication protocols, OCPP and OCPI. The software platform developed included the eMSP back-office services required to support the customer facing mobile app. Electric vehicle drivers using the mobile app can view InstaVolt locations and charging station availability via an interactive map. At the charging station, customers can use the App to start/stop and pay for the charging session. TatvaSoft has also developed additional functionality to support Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and routing services to further enhance the charging experience.

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Chief Technology Officer at InstaVolt, Gary Kirkland, said,“We chose TatvaSoft as our software provider because of our confidence in the service they provide. The team at TatvaSoft took a collaborative approach, working closely with the InstaVolt team to build out our vision to deliver class leading eMSP services to our customers. TatvaSoft’s agile method of working has been the key to delivering the software platform to our required times scales and budget, allowing InstaVolt to move quickly in an ever-changing market.”

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