Immutable zkEVM Mainnet Early Access is Live


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Immutable, the leader in blockchain gaming, today announced the early access launch of its Immutable zkEVM Mainnet, powered by Polygon. This groundbreaking advancement in blockchain gaming technology is set to expand capabilities within the gaming industry, unlocking new revenue streams for game studios and providing players with unprecedented control over their digital assets.

The lineup of games committed to be among the first to launch on Immutable zkEVM include: Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Shardbound, Treeverse, Cool Cats, BADMAD Robots, Space Nation, Eyeball Games, Imaginary Ones and more.

Immutable zkEVM is the first of its kind, providing a dedicated chain for games that offers EVM compatibility, low costs, massive scaling capabilities, and enterprise-grade security. The chain combines the benefits of zk-rollup technology with the power of the Ethereum ecosystem, all while offering access to the entire suite of Immutable gaming products. Studios and players no longer have to differentiate when choosing where to build and/or play – Immutable now offers the best tech, ecosystem, and player experience in the space, featuring more than 200 well-funded games that have already committed to launching on Immutable with more on the way.

Robbie Ferguson, President & Co-Founder of Immutable, commented on the significance of this launch: “The launch of Immutable zkEVM is a milestone moment for the industry. This is a chain built exclusively for gamers and gaming studios, and every step of the way, our development team made sure to implement any and all aspects a targeted gaming audience could ask for. Over the last 12 months, over 200 games have committed to building on Immutable, bringing our market share close to 70%. 2024 is going to be the year a large number of these games go live, and we’ll see tens of millions of players adopt the next gaming experience.”

In contrast to general-purpose chains, which are designed to support a broad set of applications and smart contract functionality, Immutable zkEVM is built for games. While friction, high transaction costs, and latency may be acceptable in other markets, games need to optimize for scale, speed, and native user experiences. Games also need an ecosystem where they can thrive, and Immutable zkEVM features a breadth of partners across game development, distribution, marketing, marketplaces, analytics, and more to give game studios everything they need to succeed in one place.

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Immutable is a complete end-to-end blockchain gaming platform now offering a zkEVM rollup. All of Immutable’s current products, including Passport, Orderbook, and Checkout, will be compatible with Immutable zkEVM and preset smart contract templates are available to help make the development journey simple and safe. The chain also offers gas-free functionality for gamers who use Immutable Passport, significantly reducing the primary point of friction in the user experience, allowing players to play and trade without ever being introduced to the concept of gas fees.

The Immutable zkEVM Mainnet is now live and will be in early access mode as games and partners migrate to the new environment. During this early access phase, a Mainnet deployer allowlist will be active to ensure smooth operations and user safety, and it will only include select game studios and ecosystem partners at launch. Sign up for the waitlist in the Immutable Developer Hub by following the steps listed here to get included on the deployer allowlist as Immutable progressively opens access to the chain. However, anyone can start building on Mainnet now by deploying Immutable’s preset smart contract templates. Additionally, all developers still have full access to Immutable zkEVM Testnet.

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