Hikvision Uncovers Improved HikCentral Professional 2.5 with add-on applications


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Hikvision announces the release of HikCentral Professional 2.5, an upgraded software for integrated security management. The new version features powerful application enhancements, streamlined functionality, and a broad spectrum of flexible add-on applications via the App Market, delivering customizable experience and effective day-to-day security management on a versatile platform.

Fred Wu, the Product Director at Hikvision, said, “The release of HikCentral Professional 2.5 is a significant milestone for us and our customers. The upgraded software enables effective management of a wider range of activities on a single platform. We’re excited to deliver this enhanced value to our customers.”

Versatile add-on applications for diverse business requirements

HikCentral Professional 2.5 allows users to either opt for a full-scale installation or take a flexible approach, expanding their systems with additional features when necessary. With 15 optional add-on applications, HikCentral Professional 2.5 covers extensive businesses and security demands – from office buildings, logistic parks to bus stations. These add-ons include state-of-the-art features like smart walls, parking lot management, attendance management, on-board monitoring, portable enforcement, evidence management, AR, guard patrol, commercial display, security inspection, and more.

The new portable enforcement application greatly improves on-field security operations and management, enhancing the safety and efficiency of personnel with features such as pre-departure checks, real-time communication, and comprehensive duty records. Additionally, enhancements have been made to video, access control, on-board monitoring, which now offer advanced functionalities.

Simplified operations for a better user experience

HikCentral Professional 2.5 is designed to be user-friendly. The software’s base package, consisting of video and access control, offers a foundation that requires only an i3-CPU and 4 GB RAM, making it easily accessible to most users.

Moreover, users will find an intuitive interface complete with wizard-guided operations, visualized metrics, AR live interactions, and dynamic E-Maps that facilitate data analysis, alarm management, and event tracking, promoting operational efficiency across various sites.

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Stronger integration capabilities with OpenAPIs

The open architecture of HikCentral Professional 2.5 allows for seamless integration to various systems (e.g., WMS, AMS/CMS, BMS) and the management of third-party devices (e.g., cameras, alarm panels, HVACs, NVRs) through standardized protocols like Onvif, BACnet, and SIA.

The inclusion of professional APIs and a web-based no-plugin solution ensure functionality extension beyond security to meet diverse demands and requirements. Meanwhile, the accessible technical documentation and sample codes help users ease the system construction process.

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