Grubhub Partners with RapidSOS to Enhance Driver Safety through Faster & Smarter 911 Response


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Grubhub announced today it is enhancing safety for its delivery partner community by linking into RapidSOS, the intelligent safety platform that routes life-saving data to first responders in an emergency. The partnership will provide Grubhub delivery partners the ability to share dynamic location data as well as caller ID (name, phone number) directly to 911 responders when an emergency call is placed via the Grubhub for Drivers App. The integration is now available in New York CityBostonPhiladelphia and Chicago and will roll out nationwide by mid-2023.

With the continuous rise of gig economy jobs, which are expected to make up half of the United States workforce by 2027, Grubhub is focused on expanding its safety features for drivers through partnerships with leading technologies like RapidSOS. For those seeking more flexibility and earning opportunities via Grubhub, the new features will protect delivery partners every step of the way by providing around the clock access to emergency services.

“Grubhub knows that feeling comfortable on the road is a huge component of a positive driving experience, and we are thrilled to partner with RapidSOS to allow our drivers to quickly connect with first responders directly through our app in case of emergency,” said Jeff Smith, director of logistics for Grubhub. “Our delivery partners are essential to thousands of businesses and communities, which is why we are constantly innovating to offer the latest safety features and technology.”

“Grubhub is a leader in take-out and food delivery, providing an essential service for communities and opportunities for individuals,” said Karin Marquez, Chief Public Safety Brand Officer, RapidSOS. “With safety becoming an important feature across technology products and apps, we applaud Grubhub for being proactive in bringing a direct link to 911 for its delivery partners with actionable data that enables faster and smarter emergency response.”

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Linking Delivery Partners to Safety

Serving millions of diners with hundreds of thousands of orders daily, Grubhub’s delivery partners are essential to their local businesses and communities. Through its Driver Safety Council, Grubhub holds regular discussions with active Grubhub delivery partners on how to ensure each feels safe while delivering orders. Direct input helps the company continuously improve while connecting drivers to safety gear, tutorials, and in-app navigation for those using bikes to make deliveries.

In collaboration with RapidSOS, the Grubhub for Drivers App will now digitally route critical data to the nearest 911 center. It does so via three new features that are accessible to delivery partners when they hit the SOS Button in the Safety Services section: 911 Slider, Safety Agent Call, and Safety Agent Text. With just one tap, Grubhub Delivery Partners are connected to emergency assistance by voice or text message.

The 911 slider feature allows a delivery partner to simply swipe within the app to immediately connect with 911. The Safety Agent Call or Text feature links a delivery partner to a RapidSOS agent, who can walk them through an uncomfortable situation and pass along real-time location data along with name and phone number to first responders if needed.

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