Go Talk App Offers Next Level Wireless Security


Anti-fraud wireless carrier GoTalk Wireless has rolled out the app ‘Go Talk Wireless’ via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app protects the security of consumers across the wireless industry by allowing consumers the ability to monitor and manage their accounts while providing industry leading security features to protect against Sim Swap Fraud and Phishing.

Every day scammers are cloning cell phone SIM cards to steal the identities of consumers, giving them access to accounts and credit cards. Criminals are then able to steal customer’s life savings, forcing government leaders to take action. Already, more than $100 million has been lost to SIM Swap Fraud and the numbers continue to increase exponentially. The FBI Reports victims lost $12 million between 2018 and 2020 then $68 million in 2021.

“SIM swap fraud has increased by 400% in the last five years, and smartphones are across the board integral to people’s lives. This is the driving reason for our focus on security at GoTalk Wireless, and why we designed the Go Talk app to give phone user’s the tools they need for Privacy and Security,” says CEO James Quaid.

GoTalk Wireless, a nationwide carrier, was created to put an end to SIM Swap Fraud, give users more privacy and stop the sale of personal data. Customers can protect their accounts from SIM Swap Fraud by using advanced multi factor authentication and Port Out Blocking.

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The Go Talk app has multiple features including:

  • Ability to order and activate new wireless lines or move existing lines to Go Talk Wireless.
  • Monitor and manage accounts.
  • Built in VPN to provide additional security and privacy. Users will be able to choose a region/country for browsing and also download a desktop version for their PC.
  • Phishing link checker utilizing the Google cloud reporting tool.
  • Ability to customize security features.

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