Gluware Introduces Gluware 5.1 to Facilitate Network Hyperautomation and Advance the Path to Self-Operating Networks


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Gluware, the leader in intelligent network automation, today launched Gluware 5.1 to bring significant new features to the platform and no-code application suite that help enterprises advance hyperautomation and enable self-operating networks.

Gluware 5.1 brings new and improved pre-built capabilities for Cisco ACI, Cisco Meraki and Versa Networks, as well as enhanced support for Check Point Gaia, Extreme Networks ExtremeXOS, Palo Alto PAN-OS, Fortinet FortiOS and more.

The new API modeling support for Cisco ACI provides app support for Device Manager and Config Drift and Audit. Furthermore, this update unifies the management of CLI devices with API-controlled devices. Gluware has also added support for device-level automation, including VLANs and SVIs, along with switch stack support for Cisco Meraki.

Gluware’s expansion of support for Cisco products like Cisco ACI and Meraki helps end-users implement automation across their traditional CLI-based infrastructure as well as newer API-driven infrastructure.

This provides a consistent, consolidated platform to accelerate customers from task-based automation to process automation using Network RPA – no matter the starting state of their network. By consolidating more automation capabilities into a single platform, Gluware delivers a comprehensive solution for network hyperautomation and accelerates the path to self-operating networks.

“While traditional approaches to automation rely on low-level, imperative solutions that require complex Python programming, Gluware’s intelligent orchestration engine leverages data models and built-in intelligence to deliver no-code, declarative automation,” said Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer, Gluware. “This approach dramatically reduces the overhead involved in training, developing, testing and maintaining scripts and programs, enabling enterprises to accelerate business transformation and remain agile in response to changing needs.”

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Another key update in Gluware 5.1 is enhanced Gluware Topology, with new layouts and the expansion of the data model to support link aggregation, trunks, and port channels. Additionally, there are several Network RPA enhancements, including import/export for workflows, advanced error handling, new state assessment, and advanced variables.

The Gluware solution portfolio and Gluware 5.1 release address several unique challenges that prevent enterprises from accelerating hyperautomation. First, it is increasingly difficult to hire network engineers and operators that can develop automation for multi-vendor/multi-domain networks.

Another barrier to progress is that onboarding APIs and developing usable automated processes across them require complex and time-consuming scripting. The final challenge is achieving advanced automation capabilities across CLI and API infrastructures that compound to enable autoremediation and self-operating capabilities. Gluware addresses all of these pain points, providing a consolidated platform for automation that is easy to use while also delivering significant benefits.

“Gluware’s intelligent orchestration engine and no-code application suite provide the most comprehensive solution for automation in the industry,” said Jeff Gray, CEO and Co-founder, Gluware. “Unlike other solutions in the market, Gluware offers a full-stack approach to network automation, including northbound and southbound pre-built integrations and drag-and-drop process automation. This end-to-end solution empowers enterprises to achieve their operational, regulatory compliance, hyperautomation and digital transformation goals.”

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