Fenix Games & Sequence Unveil Technology Collaboration To Bring World-Class IP Games To Web3


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Today, games publisher Fenix Games and Horizon Blockchain Games, a web3 gaming and infrastructure company, are announcing a partnership to help usher in a new wave of top-tier game developers to build best-in-class blockchain games. Horizon’s Sequence product is a leading web3 developer platform: its modular web3 developer stack and smart wallet provide the tools that will unlock the scalability and use of the blockchain for the masses. Fenix and Horizon are revolutionizing the gaming industry through their innovative and turn-key technology solutions, allowing for greater transparency, security, and player ownership.

Fenix Games is focused on building strategic partnerships with global infrastructure companies to deliver blockchain-powered solutions tailored to the gaming sector. Sequence and Fenix join forces to provide players with a revolutionary gaming experience. Fenix Games will be leveraging the Sequence all-in-one web3 developer stack and smart wallet to advance the implementation and mass-market adoption of blockchain-based games.

Fenix Games aims to publish games from iconic game portfolios that provide a rich and seamless web3 experience for the mass market gamer. With their vast knowledge and experience in the gaming industry, they are well-equipped to build games that meet the needs and expectations of players.

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“We’re focused on helping game teams disentangle the myriad and complex tech stack choices to build on chain, so they can focus instead on the creative aspects of their craft,” says Rudy Koch, Chief Business Officer of Fenix Games. “Horizon has been a long-time pioneer in the sector, first with their web3 trading card game, Skyweaver, and now with their best-in-class developer platform and smart wallet, Sequence.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Fenix Games to further drive our mission to make web3 easy, fun, and accessible for players and builders to drive the adoption of web3 and the next generation of games, internet economies, and experiences. We’re supporting the onboarding of the next 1 billion users to web3 and we see Fenix Games as strategic partners to bring this vision to life by making web3 games more fun, powerful, and beneficial for gamers and game developers,” said Peter Kieltyka, Co-founder and CEO of Horizon.

Horizon Blockchain Games continues to develop powerful solutions for developers who are web3 curious and interested in building and exploring the capabilities of this technology. Through their Sequence stack, they are fast-tracking the process and ease of development for web3 gaming on all platforms. This partnership with Fenix Games represents another key foundational step towards working with the web3 community and ecosystem to create a clear path for top-tier game teams and developers to enter the ecosystem.

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