Faurecia-Aptoide & Catappult Introduce The World’s First Car App Distribution Hub


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Faurecia-Aptoide and Catappult have announced that they are joining forces to launch an innovative automotive application distribution service.

Thanks to Faurecia-Aptoide’s App Store technology, developers will now be able to distribute their games and applications in cars. Faurecia-Aptoide already collaborates with major automotive brands such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

With the new service, available from Catappult , developers can now design and refine their apps and games for cars, manufacturers will be able to customize their app stores, and users will have access to a wide range of apps. and games tailored to their own interests and the abilities of their car.

The new distribution center is provided to mobile app developers through Catappult, the one-stop-shop for app distribution across multiple channels. This means developers can not only easily distribute apps through major global app stores, but also, from now on, through major car brands to enhance the consumer’s digital in-car experience.’

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“It’s incredibly exciting to launch this service with Catappult,” said Thijs van Herkhuizen, Managing Director of Faurecia Aptoide Automotive. “We are offering developers a whole new way to integrate their apps and games into drivers’ cars, and manufacturers to offer a dedicated selection of apps and games tailored to their cars and the needs of their drivers”

Álvaro Pinto, COO of Aptoide, sees the new Faurecia-Aptoide and Catappult partnership as “a game-changing solution that enables the automotive industry to deliver a much richer and more personalized experience to its customers.”

“Faurecia-Aptoide and Catappult’s technology and collaboration offer developers and manufacturers the opportunity to work together to create a unique application experience for customers, ushering in a new era of in-vehicle application delivery,” says Alvaro Pinto.

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