Eyeball Games Partners with Immutable to Launch Eyeball Pool, a Web3-based Mobile Pool Game


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Eyeball Games, a Singapore-based studio from the creators of the hit mobile game 8 Ball Pool, is partnering with Immutable, the leading web3 gaming platform, to unveil Eyeball Pool, a web3-based mobile pool game as one of the first titles on Immutable’s new zKEVM platform. Eyeball Pool is currently in beta with a full launch planned for early 2024.

8 Ball Pool is a cult classic that has racked up over 1 billion downloads since its release over 10 years ago and holds the Guinness world record as “The most downloaded mobile pool game.” The title remains as popular as ever with more than 10 million daily active users.

This partnership with Immutable will enable the Eyeball team to accelerate development of its blockchain-based challenger, which gives players full ownership of their digital assets and includes other features that come from using blockchain infrastructure.

Eyeball Pool is designed from the ground up with its own physics engine and stunning graphics. The game features a player-vs-player mode and a range of tournament modes which include an AI skill-matching engine.

Partnering with Immutable and leveraging its API-based infrastructure allows Eyeball Games to significantly reduce the game’s development time and costs significantly. Eyeball Pool is the first of a number of games rolling out on Immutable utilizing the recently announced Immutable zkEVM, which enables creators to tap into smart contracts to incorporate advanced trading and game mechanics.

“Immutable Games Studio is constantly striving to push the boundaries and diversity of web3 games, and the addition of such a popular genre as pool to the Immutable blockchain family is yet another important step toward offering players as much variety as possible,” said Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable.

“We believe there’s power in partnering with a specialized ecosystem for gaming versus one that tries to include all use cases. Immutable works day and night to improve its gaming ecosystem, developer tooling, and publishing capabilities – the Immutable zkEVM is a testament to this. With Immutable’s help, we look forward to redefining the pool game experience,” said Jonathan Ivarsson, CEO of Eyeball Games.

In January, Eyeball Pool completed a 30-minute sellout mint of 4,001 genesis NFTs called Balldroids Gen 0. Users who missed the drop will soon have another chance. The team is expanding the NFT series with the introduction of the multiplayer Phase 2 game. The Balldroid Gen 1 will act as an early access pass, and the NFTs will be launched on ImmutableX.

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In addition to getting access to a closed multiplayer beta where they can win weekly rewards, Balldroid holders can claim exclusive game starter packs of NFT cues, currency, and an NFT season pass that unlocks a paid rewards path. Balldroid holders will also enjoy a perpetual ad-free experience when the mobile game is launched.

The full launch of Eyeball Pool on mobile devices is slated for Q1 2024, on Immutable zKEVM, after which the NFTs will convert into exciting game starter packs with exclusive and unique items for the game.

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