dot.GAMING Studio Plans to Launch Sailwars, an NFT game


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dot.GAMING Studio has announced it will soon launch Sailwars, its inaugural NFT game featuring medieval naval warfare, set in the golden age of piracy. Sailwars offers a captivating and enthralling gaming experience where players can explore the open sea, trade goods, and establish alliances with fellow players. With a combination of strategic combat, simulation management, piracy, Player vs. Player (PvP) battles, and alliance skirmishes, Sailwars brings something completely new to the table.

Sailwars boasts a range of exciting features, including ship upgrades and customization, the recruitment of heroes with unique abilities, and intense naval battles ,. Players can take on the role of alliance managers, leading and coordinating hundreds of players, and organizing epic battles on the high seas. PvP battles allow regular players to compete against top-up players, loot resources, and form alliances, providing a sense of achievement and prestige. With these features, Sailwars promises to be an engaging and thrilling addition to the NFT gaming world.

Sailwars incorporates play-to-earn elements and NFT technology, enabling players to earn cryptocurrency, own and trade digital assets such as heroes, weapons, and ships. The game introduces innovative gameplay mechanics such as pledging, mining, and community governance, promoting maximum user participation in the game’s ecosystem. n. Despite these innovative features, Sailwars is initially free-to-play, to give as low an entry barrier as possible.

Sailwars also boasts a unique governance structure through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Holders of the game’s token $SWT can participate in the governance process by proposing and voting on changes related to the DAO’s operation. Large token holders can apply to join the Board of Directors and take a more active role in shaping the direction of the DAO. This innovative governance model promotes a sense of community and shared ownership among players and creates a more democratic, transparent, and inclusive experience for the player.

The Board of Directors possesses the power to initiate proposals and act on behalf of ordinary token holders, on topics such as game planning, operational direction, cooperation plans, and the use of funds. This structure ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of all DAO stakeholders.

Following a successful pre-seed investment from BASSING PTE. LTD, the lead investor of HOTDOG, dot.GAMING Studio is gearing up to raise its Seed round and will soon launch an exciting airdrop campaign for its community. For updates and more information, please follow dot.GAMING studio’s social media channels.

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dot.GAMING Studio is partnering with HOTDOG to build ONE Gaming Ecosystem, complete with shared resources, ecosystem-wide events, linked social systems, and cross-game incentives.

The start of this strategic partnership marks a new chapter for the game’s production and marketing activities, with a shared goal of taking it to new heights.Drawing on the company’s expertise in metaverse, NFT, and virtual technology, the game promises to create an revolutionary gaming experience that brings the magic of virtual worlds to life.

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