Doodles 2 Introducing On Flow, As The Web3 Giant Begins Its Journey To Onboard Millions


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Doodles, a leading Web3 media and entertainment franchise, will launch the highly anticipated Doodles 2 on Flow blockchain, the platform powering next-generation games, apps and digital assets, and home to brands like the NBA, NFL, Ticketmaster and Mattel.

The multi-chain expansion supports a wider range of creative and technical possibilities, enabling the next generation of Doodles products. The first is Doodles 2, a new NFT experience that allows holders to personalize their own Doodle on-chain, choosing their look with attributes like body, hairstyle, emotion, apparel and accessories. Wearable collections will be released via limited-edition IRL drops tied to specific events and brand collaborations with notable partners and public figures. These wearables can be sold, bought and traded on the Gaia marketplace.

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With no gas fees and a seamless consumer checkout experience on Flow, Doodles 2 holders can enjoy endless customization of their own personalized, dynamic NFT identities to use across social networks, gaming platforms, live events, streaming content, retail activations and other imaginative moments.

“Doodles 2 is the perfect combination of self-expression, collecting, and community, inside a frictionless app that’s powered by blockchain technology,” said Jordan Castro, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Doodles. “We’ve productized the community’s desire to customize their Doodles so that it matches their IRL vibe exactly. Tech aside, Doodles 2 is the passport that’s used in all of our products – experiences, games, apps, music, animation releases, to bring further personalization, customization and rewards to our fans.”

Flow’s frictionless onboarding and world-class security, safety and recoverability make inviting people into the colorful world of Doodles just as easy for Web3 newcomers as it is for natives in the space.

“Doodles is one of the most recognizable brands in Web3, with a community as vibrant as the Doodles themselves,” said Dieter Shirley, Chief Architect of Flow. “With Doodles 2, they are unlocking more value for their existing community, while setting the stage for many more folks to join the joyful, inclusive world of Doodles. Their vision of accessible, interactive, and personalized fun is exactly the kind of project we had in mind when we designed Flow. I’m so excited for the launch!”

The Doodles 2 launch on the Flow blockchain will also mark the start of a future of strong cross-interoperability with Ethereum.

“We’re excited to continue investing in Doodles’ core collections on Ethereum, while also connecting Doodles everywhere our community lives and creates,” said Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles. “As we grow our brand across other verticals like animation and music, Flow’s accessible and seamless onboarding experience enables us to capture audiences that are introduced through traditional media channels. We believe the combination of Ethereum and Flow is the ideal format to support and invest in our core Web3 community, while opening the gates to welcome new collectors.”

The first step of the Doodles 2 product experience opens to Doodles holders on January 31, with full details here in the coming days. If holders don’t own a Dooplicator, they can purchase one on OpenSea. For those who own a Dooplicator, but not a Doodle, holders will soon be able to lend out their Doodle on a future marketplace.

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