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Share post:, the Data Products Company, has announced the Summer 2023 release of its DataOps platform. Key enhancements shape how leading enterprises and data teams deliver data applications and products. Immediately available is Spendview, an exciting free spend observability tool for Snowflake customers.

“Getting the most from Snowflake is a priority for our customers,” says Thomas Steinborn, VP of Products. “Spendview is a free, exciting way to have access to optics on usage, costs, user engagement, and much more. And it’s only the first step in helping our clients observe their Data Products and Applications”.

The release delivers innovative new capabilities in three primary categories: Observe: With its central role in Data Product automation, orchestration, automated testing, and deployment, the platform is in a unique position to provide observability across the entire lifecycle of Data Products. is pleased to announce Observe, a set of data platform and pipeline observability capabilities beginning with Spendview for Snowflake, a free-to-use tool for the Snowflake Data Cloud that helps customers to understand, manage and optimize their spend on Snowflake. will release additional capabilities in 2023 for pipeline monitoring, data usage analysis, and Data Products business value assessment.

Spendview has received positive feedback from clients in a recent Private Preview release, including OneWeb, creator of an innovative global communications network powered by a constellation of 648 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Miguel Morgado, Product Owner, Service and Platforms at OneWeb, said, “In the last three months, we reduced overall Snowflake cost by 15% across all our Snowflake accounts by leveraging Spendview. Spendview got turned on within minutes, bringing transparency to all stakeholders and allowing us to focus our efforts on key areas we could improve. continues to be a true partner, supporting OneWeb’s continuous rollout of Data Products across the organization to benefit our customers.”

These exciting advances will help to fundamentally transform how clients formulate, deliver, and manage Data Products and Data Applications for users on the Snowflake Data Cloud. “Snowflake recognizes the importance of observability across data infrastructure to improve operational efficiency.’s Spendview will help customers optimize their Snowflake experience and ensure they’re maximizing the benefits of the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

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Data Products Done Right: puts managing Data as a Product at the center of the platform’s capabilities, with Data Product Lifecycle Management at the heart of everything. With the introduction of change management capabilities, enables data engineering teams to build versioned, backward-compatible Data Products. Leveraging the DataOps Development Environment (DDE) engineers rapidly develop new data assets. Assessed by Observe, teams effectively collaborate with the business stakeholders and publish curated trusted datasets to the customer’s data catalog of choice.

Developer Experience: The DDE matures its developer tools designed to shorten data pipeline tasks from minutes to seconds. Optimized for data science workloads, building data apps, and managing data products, DDE centers on a unified, cloud-based, zero-install development environment designed to accelerate developer productivity and efficiency.

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