Data Vault Holdings And Florida Travel Baseball (FTB) Collaborate


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Data Vault Holdings, Inc., leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, today announces its partnership with Florida Travel Baseball (FTB). Under the new contract, Data Vault Holdings will work alongside FTB to provide players with their own NFTs, generate tokens to support fundraising events and create tokens to memorialize awards players can receive including, but not limited to, championships, game ball, batting and individual category awards in hitting, pitching and fielding. Additionally, the partnership will encourage engagement among peers and unearth new experiences that access the social element of NFTs to build community and a constant effort in education and awareness around cybersecurity and data management for young players learning to manage all aspects of the modern game which includes their own image and likeness.

“FTB is one of the most successful travel baseball programs in the country, producing over 30 MLB first-round picks, 50 current MLB players, and over 10 MLB All-Stars since its inception in 2009. We are excited to partner with Datavault® and leverage their cutting-edge technology platform to provide our players with unique experiences and access to the metaverse,” said George Gonzalez, owner of FTB. “This partnership will also create new revenue streams for our organization that can be used to support scholarships and travel expenses for our players.”

“Datavault® is thrilled to be working with FTB, one of the premier travel baseball programs in the country,” said Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings. “This partnership will provide our team with an opportunity to engage directly with a passionate community of young athletes who are looking for new and innovative ways to connect with each other. We believe that our platform has the potential to redefine how people interact with sports and entertainment properties, and we are excited to work with FTB to bring this vision to life. FTB will use revenue generated from fundraising events to provide scholarships and pay travel expenses so kids who would not otherwise have had these opportunities can participate. The Datavault® platform is well-suited for sports organizations in that it provides a way for players to tokenize their data, mint their own NFTs as well as curate tokens from FTB as they have individual and team achievements. In the end many players and FTB will have the ability to sell memorabilia–creating new revenue streams while also providing unique opportunities for fan engagement in a secondary market and continual sales revenue through the use of smart contracts that we’re continuing to explore.”

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The partnership between Data Vault Holdings and Florida Travel Baseball arrives at a time of increased interest in NFTs from major sports franchises such as the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Data Vault Holding’s team will work closely with FTB to create NFTs for players and will work to perfect the interface so the tokens are created automatically and inline with baseball workflows. Further regimented coins give players first-of-their-kind relics of their achievements and utility in high fidelity multimedia that were previously not possible to deliver on this scale. Additionally, professional artists will create artwork for Florida Travel Baseball awards, including scholarships and branded crypto trophies. Through these individualized pieces of memorabilia, fans will be able to gain direct access to an athlete’s personal journey throughout their career, both on and off the field through social media accounts.

As a result of the partnership, both FTB and Data Vault Holdings will be able to expand their audience and promote growth. Overall, Datavault’s® crypto technology–via the unique digital memorialization of iconic sports players through avatars and NFTs will build new income streams for Florida Travel Baseball as well as encourage engagement among fans and peers to create a community around a shared love of the game.

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