ContractPodAi Announces Standalone Leah Generative AI Legal Services Hub Powered by GPT-4


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ContractPodAi, the provider of award-winning AI-powered, contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, today announced that its Generative AI Legal Services hub, Leah, powered by GPT-4, AI research and deployment company OpenAI’s most advanced AI system, is now available as a standalone product in addition to being a service within its CLM platform. Part of the power of generative AI is its ability to help organizations scale to drive greater business outcomes and achieve competitive advantage. Now, Leah will support corporate legal teams and law firms for other legal matters beyond contracts.

“The legal services market value today is projected to be 860 billion U.S. dollars and the latest generation of AI will bring a great amount of disruption to the industry,” said Sarvarth Misra, co-founder, and CEO of ContractPodAi. “We built our company with AI at its core and bring over 10 years of AI experience, expertise, infrastructure, and a growing partner ecosystem to this space. We’re thrilled to bring to market a new product to revolutionize the way in which legal services are delivered by increasing efficiencies and raising the value of legal professionals around the globe.”

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Amidst economic uncertainty, legal teams need the ability to scale and have flexibility when choosing a solution to best fit their specific use case. ContractPodAi’s latest release addresses this need directly, as customers can leverage Leah on its own, or opt-in to use it within ContractPodAi’s CLM platform.

The Leah Generative AI Legal Services hub brings conversational and interactive features to users, supporting use cases beyond contracts, covering legal practice areas such as M&A, legal transactions, regulatory, governance, and litigation, through a trained Language Learning Model for legal.

General counsel and law firms will be able to harness the power of generative AI to streamline their legal processes through three modules:

  • Leah Drafts: Based on trained legal models, Leah will support the user’s draft style and precedents to draft a variety of legal documentation including contracts, regulatory update notes, legal memos, case summaries, and presentations with simple one-line prompts.
  • Leah Reviews: Leah Reviews will assist customers with understanding, analyzing and supporting complex queries across transactions, M&A, litigations, contracts, compliance, policy, and regulatory paperwork. With the Leah Review module, users can build executive summaries, deviation reports, risk analysis, and remediation reports related to legal transactions.
  • Leah Extracts: Leah’s extraction system enables customers to extract essential legal data from any legal documentation with only three clicks. Alongside the pre-built extraction library, customers can create their own customized model for various legal transactions.

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“As more businesses turn towards artificial intelligence to increase operational efficiencies, there’s becoming an increase in awareness of the potential security risks of this technology,” said Atena Reyhani, Chief Product Officer at ContractPodAi. “Our Leah Generative AI Legal Services product is unique as it leverages the enterprise version of GPT-4 directly, ensuring strict adherence to data protection agreements and privacy laws, making it a perfect fit for in-house legal teams and law firms looking to optimize their operations in a safe and secure manner.”

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