Configit Ace® Recognizes As A Unity Verified Solution, Serving Customers With An Immersive 3D Product Configuration Experience


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Configit, a global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced that its Configit Ace® is now a Unity Verified solution. Additionally, the two companies have co-developed a connector between Configit Ace® and Unity Forma, which provides manufacturers with best-in-class 3D configuration and visualization technology. This allows manufacturers to provide self-service to their end customers for very complex products using a 3D product configurator.

As a Unity verified solution, Configit has undergone a rigorous review process to ensure it meets Unity’s highest standards. Unity verified solutions are offered by domain experts who are committed to providing high quality solutions and support, which means that years from now when a product is released, the verified solution will still be supported. .

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The Configit Ace® plugin for Unity Forma, available today via the Unity Asset Store:

  • enables global manufacturing companies with highly configurable products to reduce the time from product design to sale and manufacture by 92%;
  • allows end customers of these companies to place orders in a fully integrated, self-service 3D configurator, at varying degrees of advanced complexity, which also increases sales efficiency;
  • creates an easy and seamless configuration solution maintenance process for support staff. A single source of configuration truth for each affected service results in an error-free cross-functional process without redundant checks and iterations.

Johan Salenstedt, CEO of Configit, said,  “By joining Unity’s Verified Solution ecosystem, we will be able to help more customers with enhanced product configuration capabilities. Forma, Unity’s visualization product, enables significant efficiencies in content production, allowing companies to quickly import 3D product data to visualize models and all their 3D variants in real time. Our Configit Ace® API will allow customers to experience an immersive 3D product experience. This perfectly meets the needs of our customers who manufacture very complex products, as well as those of Unity customers. »

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